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On the way to her, trying to guide the Count Drago Fabrizio that this Lucretia is the heads of the conspiracy, and not her husband. Giulio Drago is one of the conspirators, and as soon as he’s informed that Duke Ranieri tried to hurt his friend, he argues with Lucrezia and the Duke, and leaves the conspirators’ meeting in which they plot to attack the king. Napoleon’s Army has swept into Italy and Piedmont, with its promise of Why didn’t you tell me who you were? Fabrizio is thrown into prison, although it is threaten him with death, refuses to give the list to Ranieri. This approach is perfect for the source content a sentimental novel, after all , and results in a thoroughly captivating and creative work. Meanwhile, Elisa tries to reach out to the only person who can trust in Turin, therefore she go to asking help to the cousin of the king – Clelia Bussani.

The girl is a little confused by his request, but still grants his wish, and hides the conspirators’ list between the endpapers of Countess Agnese Ristori’s favourite book. When he discover of the betrayal of Clelia, he decides to kill her. So enjoy downloading videos from Dailymotion using DrollMotion and showcase, watch and listen to the ocean of never ending digital video download stream. Elisa steals the key from Alvise and persuades Anna that she must go to Turin and testified for his brother. Elisa is hunted by Ranieri’s men. A story of murder, conspiracy and secrets but above all about a great love story; Tuscan Passion tells the story of an impossible love between Aurora Taviani and Alessandro Monforte. This page was last edited on 16 December , at Currently It supports all formats of video downloads.

Fabrizio is getting better and Elisa and him can’t deny their feelings anymore. For the two lovers it was a time of happiness and joy, gladness and honor. Ceppi find him and try to save him. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat Then Lucrezia convinces her to try to escape Fabrizio from prison, arguing that what she are doing, it for purely emotional, because Fabrizio Ristori was the only love of her life.

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This series is followed by a spin-off called La figlia di Elisa — Ritorno a Rivombrosawhich takes place in and focuses Elisa’s daughter Agnese Elsia. Their love is obstacled by a congioure and Lucrezia, a woman who also fall in love with Fabrizio.


Elisa hits him with a stone and ends up in prison. Elisa decides to communicate the Countess’ desire to Fabrizio, so She writes him a letter and She signs herself as “Elisa di Rivombrosa”. Elisa, running, slips and injures her hand. With the flisa to send the broken Rivombrosy Count Drago.

Marquis Maffei, still sick from the poison he took, raves of the conspiracy to Margherita, who goes to Rivombrosa telling what she’s heard. Elisa saw dii Fabrizo approached the marquee, decides to move out of Rivombrosa.

Elisa di Rivombrosa

Fabrizio talk about the list, but he don’t have the list with him. Clelia goes to the king to tell him that she will give him a gift before Fabrizio’s execution. Angelo takes a fake list and the pendant from the neck of Elisa and then give them to the Ranieri; but Angelo refuses to be paid.

Angelo, who now serves in the Royal Guard is badly injured when he tries to protect the king from the shooting. Lucrezia is a beautiful but cruel aristocrat woman and, together with her lover, the duke Ranieri, is one of the conspirators who longs for the king’s death.

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This he finds of the betrayal of his adviser, and sentence him to prison. Meanwhile, Anna’s husband Fabrizio plans to incapacitate and take over the property. Clelia do rivombross realize that Therese is a spy of Ranieri. It is playful and serious, and unabashedly exaggerated – without being ridiculous or Barbara Cartland-y.

Ludovico Maffei attempts suicide by poisonning himself, overwhelmed by the responsibility of having ruined his daughters lives. Use the HTML below. All All HD content Live If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. When they enter in the courtyard, Elisa points out the open window in the library, and a lighted candle in the kitchen, which raised its alert.

During the confrontation reveals that he worked for the Marquis Beauville and is on the side of good. Before his death, Isabella makes sure that Martino hears that Lucrezia is not the mother of Martin and reveals that his father is Fabrizo. At Rivombrosa, the commander comes to ask Fabrizio to testify about the death of Gulio Drago.


She runs away when she sees the nobles’ faces. The next morning, Anna bursts into her brother’s bedroom and finds out Elisa is in bed with him.

The Count trust him implicitly and entrusts to his care the safety of the occupants. The Father is found dead in the church by Fabrizio and Elisa, right before their wedding. Then Margherita Elisie confesses that interfere with its meticulously Lucretia and the count in the marriage. So you will never any downloading speed issue. The shots can be heard throughout the garden, which arouses suspicion of soldiers. When his friend refuses to do so, Fabrizio goes to Turin to ask the king for Elisa’s grace in exchange for the confidential documents.

With an excuse, Fabrizio takes Elisa’s grace and runs away from Turin. Ana tells Alvise that she shall move home to Antonio Ceppi; Alvise, being nervous, tries to squeeze her throat, but Ana hit him with a vase bowlthen Alvise falls down.

He’s xaison worried about his wife, who can’t be found, and asks the nobles to help him. Using it you can search the videos also and rivombgosa play them too before downloading.

Two of the guests who are heavily drunk leave the main party room wandering through the palace eventually entering Emilia’s bedroom. After Fabrizio’s attempts with Lucrezia, Elisa decides to accept Angelo’s marriage proposal but still refuses to become the count’s mistress. During the torture Angelo agrees to help Ranieri to recovery the list if he will be released. Margherita’s father, however, is forced to refuse his proposal because, due to a bad investment, he has lost all his properties, and he can’t provide an appropriate dowry for his daughter.