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No Keypad Response Possible Cause 1: Removing the Vault Door and Coin Box 1. I guess they take their jobs pretty seriously. I was unable to find anyone who was programming the Ernest phones so I did a little internet searching. For example, I marked where the holes would be on a scrap piece of 2×4: It’s and owners manual. Trigger switch contacts are bent too far apart Solution: We have 8 digits regular phone numbers, some 5 digits “service” numbers and a few 3 digits special numbers emergency numbers for example:

If your visit to the Classic Rotary Phones Forum was enjoyable or helpful, you may tell us by making a small donation. Be sure to have two feet of wire hanging out of the wall to connect to the phone. With payphones going out of service more and more, there must be a bunch collecting dust in just about any metro area if you know where to look or who to talk to. No Keypad Response Possible Cause 1: The length of the toggle bolt depends on the thickness of the wall. Okay, I picked up the payphone. But I’m thinking of the rates them selves. Quarter slot is to the left; Dime slot in middle; Nickel slot to the right Possible Cause 2:

Figured out that the magic jack only puts around 16ma of drive prograkming and the phone requires around 22ma minimum to work reliably. If so, what was the distance between the floor and the bottom of the backboard? This is what the payphone manufacturer should have done in the first place.

After installing the batteries and plugging it into a phone line, I got a dial tone elctoel a synthesized voice saying “Error one”. Over the years several manufacturers made the handsets and wiring colors vary between them as does receiver impedance.

I’ll give it a shot when I have some free time and extra drill bits Attached is the instruction progrzmming that accompanied the phone and shows the dip switch settings. I believe it is complete on the inside, it has elcohel ringer and coin system, just no coin box.

Use shims behind the bracket if necessary to correct front-to-back leveling I was wondering about that. When you deposit coins into any single-slot the value of the coins is determined electronically by the Totalizer.


Too bad you can’t do a rom dump too. I can help on this end as much as possible.

Elcotel downgrade?

The phone is programimng programmed the way I want it now. Connect the other lead of the meter to the disconnected pigtail cable ring wire. Resurrecting Ken’s payphone thread. Isn’t there a way to short a circuit to make the relay stay open or something to that effect?

If you are looking for another site for payphone parts try http: Insert each toggle bolt and washer through the mounting holes being used on the backboard or enclosure. The difference has to do with the Western Electric itself. They have a line in an apartment adjoining their house. It was unmolested when I got it and didn’t come with programmign, took forever to drill the locks out.

The only thing is I don’t see an “unlimited” option on the long distance time. Ken, here is a link to the manual alley in PDF format.

I have downgraded many cocots with older dumb AE or WE parts to make them work. Hookswitch contacts are shorted Solution: If anybody wants a copy to experiment with, drop me a PM with your email address and I’ll send you the zipped file.

After getting the phone home and opened up I realized I had purchased a srries smart phone Ernest D3 elxotel then I decided to see prrogramming I could get it to work on my home phone line which is a Magic jack Plus. And it was still hard – I broke 4 or 5 bits.

With Elcotel, you can definitely use it as an extension with no problems. If you have to, just buy a regular 24 volt AC center tapped power transformer instead of the wall wart style.

Elcotel Series |

Then I used a bent nail as the T Key to open the vault. Is it possible to program these via the keypad or by changing the programming in the eprom or something like that? The phone elcofel a remarkably complex, simple device, and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them. Four of them are plenty. I know I scanned all of my elcotel docs which are present on his site.


The company that sold distributor of your payphone has an international division and should be able to elcohel you program it.

September 30, To program a payphone, a dial-up modem is eldotel on the computer as well. Have Someone help me build a controller box for it to accept coins. So I found another on ebay I think it’s a copy.

I am still trying to locate the actual plug-in transformer, but if I cannot find it, I guess I will put one in a junction box. I knew it worked because we would prank call the office secretary on a daily basis.

I assume it’s bolted somewhere behind where the phone is. Can’t you just ask a neighbor if you can use their phone line a little? Here it is in my payphone: Their not exactly giving those phones away are they.

In my shed, which is attached to ;rogramming house and is probably just programmint old, the studs are exposed and they are in fact 2″ wide, which would give plenty of room to use all 9 center zigzag holes.

Elcotel Series

Thanks for following through with Protel. I’ll admit I haven’t read your payphone thread in it’s entirety. Or are you supposed to use the 5 holes that I drew a rectangle around, in a wall stud, plus use toggle bolts on either side in the big countersunk holes?

I could do that, but I could just as easily use the ground bar in this house’s electrical breaker box. In some states, approval for equipment connection must be obtained from the Public Utility Commission, Public Service Commission, or Corporate Commission prior to connection.

Have a Happy New Year! May 25, I never thought of that. This raises the question: