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Nicanor Abelardo’s Mutya Ng Pasig song is also the official theme song of this film of the same title. Everybody thought it is going to be a challenging adventure. The good-natured del Valle couple takes in Mara as a servant and decides to spend for her education not knowing that she is their real daughter. It is 80 minutes long and is in color. Sarah is hesitant about Michael though. However, she meets her match in Armando Cesar Ramirez , another lowly tenant, and eventually falls in love with him. The young prince then continue with the expedition and upon reaching the location of the Ibong Adarna, he saw his two prince brothers turned into stone by the Ibong Adarna bird. Despite their drastic differences in both their personalities and principles, their shared love for music allowed them to consider pursuing a music career in Japan, only to figure out in an interrogation at the local airport that a fly-by-night recruitment agency had falsified their documents and faked their passports.

Set against the backdrop of an isolated and solitary lighthouse in a remote island, Parola tells of a man named Juan Moreno Jaime dela Rosa falsely accused of murder and sentenced to a jail term. Kutob – English Subtitle: Susan Roces is the leader and she and several of her girlfriends are boarding at Mrs. Carmen Rosales, Leopoldo Salcedo, Tony Marzan, Rosa Mia, Pablo Guevarra Sandra Belmonte played by Carmen Rosales is a fading old actress who recounts her foiled marriage to a sadistic fellow actor she partners which led to her series of misfortune thereafter. The old person ask the prince where he is going and told him that he is out to search for the mythical bird Adarna and bring it to his father to cure him of his illness. The harmonious relationship is not only between the two siblings but also between their families especially their children.

The man turns out to be Cleto Dan Masinasformerly a trusted aide, but who now seeks redress for the shame Don Silvestre has brought upon his sister Aurora, a local washerwoman Charito de Viborx. All these Sarah confides to her ‘ friend’ Nick Jay Manalo with whom she has a relationship which her mother disapproves of.

The film also stars Romeo Vasquez who is Amalia Fuentes love interest in this movie. Kasintahan — Mister Suitor The bandit Rosario Lolita Rodriguez wants to avenge the death of his father Bargos Eddie Garcia on the occasion of the wedding of Manuel, her first love.

He plays over Maya’s news show an audiotape Jago preserved for years, which names many corrupt government officials. A heart-warming film with Nora Aunor as the title character woman cock fighter or engages in gaming fowl.


Celia’s health declines upon learning of Daniel and Lilia’s affair and serious relationship. Celia then say her “Huling Dalangin” last prayer that his husband and son would be happier before she commits suicide but she was stopped by her husband before she can stab herself asking for her forgiveness and start a new life again as a normal happy family.

Despatsadora Sales Lady or Store Attendant He has long been waiting for a vlbora to let her know how he feels. Her childhood friend Gabriel Chubi del Rosario has always admired Angela.

Florensia is living with her oldest daughter, Yolanda Filipinas Maricel Soriano. Believed to have been drowned along with the other prisoners in a shipwreck on their way to a penal colony, Juan was swept away on an island where Mang Pekto Gil de Leon and his family had isolated themselves. This was a joint U. Believing that her boyfriend has been killed in the war, Norma becomes receptive koleeksyon being courted by the American, and she becomes the object of gossip.

She often sees her at night. Octavia Quintos soon discovered her real identity from her adoptive mother Filomena. The child becomes blind at a tender age because she fails to get timely medical care when she contracts an illness. But, as time progresses, they find their true identity in the spotlights, damages are paid, and they all know where they stand.

Otherwise there are no references to anything Chinese in her story or the film.

Puro na lang si Val! It is also in this situation that Bien and Andy come to grips. Hannah went to Octavia’s home and to her fury shot Octavia and in the face in front of reporters and cameramen.

Mara lived as the poor daughter of the couple Susan and Gary Davis and Clara, their real daughter, was brought up by the rich Amante and Almira del Valle. Cavalry Command is a nationalist propaganda and tackles critical issues at the time.

The two soon fall in love with each other, but it isn’t long before word reaches Ana’s father and Robert’s ex-girlfriend, Dora Paraluman and both make things awry for Ana once more. Gloria played the secret daughter of a rich department store owner played by no less than the king of comedy himself, Dolphy. He takes his own, but not without first donating his eyes to his blind daughter. Batang City Jail Her mother married another man and gave birth to a boy. She gets the ire of one of the tenants, Ada played by Alicia Vergel.


It’s as klasikk they’ve known each other all their lives! The story revolves around the lives of young people intertwined behind the cold prison bars.

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To combat this, the old man gave the young prince a dagger and a lime to bled himself and some lime movid his wound will keep him awake and alert at all times. Divina lives in the past while Marco lives in the present Yolanda is a martyr and soft-hearted daughter who devoted her time taking care for her mother. The elder Fernando Poe Jr. It is 80 minutes long and is in color.

They welcome her and she becomes a boatwoman herself, ferrying people to and from their destinations. Upon Don Alejandro’s death, Emily was adopted by his wife, Magdalena living in a beautiful estate left by her father. The story about a woman named Rosalie who works as a scavenger.

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Sabina and her twin sister Vina both played by Susan Roces were left separately by their mother who was also named Sabina to different individuals. Emily instead was courted by Carlos favorite son of Magdalena and plans their marriage.

One time Diego heard about the plans of her adoptive mother, Rosario to kill Manuel upon his winning the election as a town mayor. His last memory was that of his first and ex-girlfriend, and he forgot everything about his wife. Gloria at only sixteen years old at the time fell in love with Dante Magat, the trusted tenant of family’s ranch but when her mother discovered about their relationship, she opposed it because Dante is a poor man and is not an ideal man for her daughter.

The convict Joaquin is a simple man who klasil life in prison more tolerable when something mysterious and strange starts happening to him.

The story reaches a tense climax with Esperanza, Bien, Raul and Andy coming face to face, movis with a violent purpose. Eddie Garcia sneaks out the house of Dr. There she meets Robert Ric Rodrigoa rich Portuguese who falls for her beauty and klsaik her from poverty.