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Manila as Lope V. Double Negative Chris Chappell Dita Mandy Michael Chernus Double Negative Nick Pitt-Owen Double Negative Chris Hurtt Lina Paquito Ochoa Jr. For issues regarding data and images, please contact TheMovieDB. Double Negative Chewteng Lim

Double Negative Benjamin Chua They decide it’s best to shut down all ops and make sure make everyone involved disappears. Double Negative Edward Lim Click each panel to show or hide. Double Negative Tom Whittington But someone tries to kill her. LA uncredited Mike Peterson

Esries as Eugene Gogwich Alex Gorodetsky Firefighter uncredited Nasser Metcalfe Double Negative Indah Maretha Double Negative Chris Chappell News Reporter uncredited Adam Harlan Double Negative Xiong Ying Lina Paquito Ochoa Jr.

Manila as Yolanda G. Double Negative uncredited Christopher Cram Aaron Cross Scott Glenn Legacy Effects uncredited Maurice Routly Citrus Samaritan Ermie Concepcion Double Negative Shane Christopher Canada uncredited Mumtaz Robson Phillipine Plant Manager uncredited Alexis Molnar Legacy Effects uncredited Amanda Paller Double Negative Weikian Ang Eeries as Randy Morton Ian Mussell Manila as Michael Davie Joeme R.


Manila as Bruce Steinheimer Christopher A.

Double Negative Nicholas Symons They try to take out Aaron Cross who is part of another op called Outcome, but he manages to survive. Dubai uncredited Melissa Zeigler Manila as Lope V.

Double Negative Olivier Ryard Yonkiz 4 Page Leong Legacy Effects uncredited Michael Davidson Double Negative Thom Chang Simon Ross archive footage uncredited Joseph Dimartino Double Negative Chewteng Lim Double Negative Bun Yue Bojrne Legacy Effects uncredited Cole Taylor Double Negative Melissa Taylor Double Negative Daniel Maskit Manila as Donato E.

Legacy Effects uncredited Steven Munson Double Negative Stephen Tong Sheyam Ghieth Art Direction: Landy Reporter Tony Carlin Legacy Effects uncredited Brian Namanny Double Negative Richard Roberts Double Negative Shaun Scott Terrence Ward Oscar Isaac