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Mahesh asks her who told that he is being pressurized. After the ceremony is over, Mayi declares that the wedding date should be fixed as soon as possible. Kale that Radha has rejected 71 boys till now. Mayi reveals that she has received a proposal for him of a girl named Pratiksha. Radha sarcastically says that he was quite normal. Mahesh has a hangover, but he denies it. Ghana and Radha too are unable to sleep as they are trying to accept each other in their lives. Radha tells Mahesh that she does not want to get married if the boy’s side is going to pressurize him.

Everyone asks him what happened. Devki calls Mahesh and asks him if they can come over to their house. However, Mayi tells Ghana that she wants yes for an answer. Manav is left irritated. Mauli realizes that Kuhu is making preparations for her own marriage. Devki also tells Radha that she likes her a lot and she will never lack having a daughter. Just then Vallabh comes there wearing a very weird kind of a shirt.

Mahesh explains to her that there is nothing like that.

Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta – Episode 187 – 20th August 2012

Avinash adds that he is sure that the alliance will be fixed, and announces a bonus if it happens. While Jaydeep and Isha’s friendship blossoms more. Dhyana states that he overheard Devki and Shripad’s conversation. Mahesh and Radha are surprised to know from them that there episove 15 members in the family.


Prachi tells Radha to send her a message informing them about her marriage.

Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta – Episode – 20th August – video dailymotion

Radha and Ghana Intimate! Devki is surprised to see Radha and Ghana chatting for so long. Ghana loses his temper when Radha tells him that Devki demanded a gemstone ring for him.

Mayi gets a little emotional seeing Vinod. The policeman is touched by the gesture and refuses to charge a fine.

Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta – Episode – 21st July – video dailymotion

Chala Hawa Yeu Dya 9: Without listening to him, Devki scolds him for being irresponsible. Mahesh too is tensed. Vallari talks to Digambar about Supriya’s changed attitude. Manav is very sad to goshhta it. They have a heated argument. The women are amazed that Ulka had been with her ex-husband’s wife for shopping. They also tell Shripad that they will willingly help in Ghana’s wedding. Pressure from your family and logging on to a matrimonial site are just a few of the things youngsters have to go through.

Ghana firmly tells Mayi that he will have a registered marriage at any cost. Ghana informs her that Mahesh has approved the date.

Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta – Episode 161 – 20th July 2012

Devki gets worried to see Shripad tensed. Devki dusaru her gratitude to Mauli for doing so much for the family. Mahesh keeps wondering what he said. Just then Ghana returns.


However, they decide to spend some more 20tu together as they need to give a solid reason to their parents for rejecting each other. Mahesh gets irritated with Radha for rejecting the boys over petty reasons. Mayi confronts Ghana saying that he is avoiding marriage because he wants to go to US.

Manav, who is head over heels in love llagnachi Radha, tries to impress her with his poetries. They sing Radha’s praises and share their joy.

Mahesh replies that he is getting a simple gold ring. Avinash pulls Manav away to find the ring; just then Pari notices the ring. He wakes up Radha and tells her that there goshra thieves in the house.

Ghana explains that it was a practical decision. Ghana makes Radha wear the ring.

Radha decides to talk to Ghana, but just then Ghana lagnacho her. Digambar asks her what is wrong. Devki introduces Radha and Mahesh to every member of the family.