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Kshetra and asks her to find a suitable match for Radha. Mayi tells her that their wishes won’t be fulfilled as Ghana has decided to have registered marriage. Ulka suggests to him to accept the situation as he cannot avoid it. She defends herself saying that every boy had some shortcomings. He tries to convince her to compromise, but in vain. Radha is surprised to see Ghana’s room in a mess. Both try to find excuses to reject them.

Yamuna tells him that she has placed a bet with Ganga and that he should approve of the girl. Ghana comes to meet his aunt Ulka Asavari Joshi and tells her that he is fed up of meeting girls and rejecting them. Vallabh asks Vallari the reason why she is venting her frustration. She reveals to her father that she didn’t like the boy because of the line printed on his T-shirt. Pari gets irritated when Mauli offers to help her in the kitchen. Ghana explains to them that it won’t be easy for his wife to leave them after she develops an emotional bonding with the family. Manav goes away from there. Sumukhi comes to meet Devki.

Mayi reveals to them that Ghana has gone for shopping with Radha. Mahesh tries to convince Radha to consent for marriage. Avinash wishes luck to Mahesh to find a son-in-law soon. Mayi tries to explain to Ghana that she wants to get all her wishes fulfilled as she has very few days to live. He requests Radha to meet a prospective groom, but she refuses. Prachi is surprised to know that Radha’s boss Avinash is helping Mahesh peel the potatoes. Ulka talks to Ghana about the attitude of people towards marriage and divorce.


He asks her to get married soon before the dream comes true.

Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta_Full Episode June 25 ’12 Part – 1 – video dailymotion

Prachi and Mahesh are irritated as the caterers are refusing to take the order as they are quite busy. Manav hides the ring under his feet while others are searching for it.

Everyone is busy with the ceremony. He tells Radha about Appa harassing Mayi in the form of a crow. Ghana explains that he does not wish to marry a girl who will approve him only because she will get a chance to go to US.

Ghana proudly tells Radha that she ujne the 64th girl whom he has rejected.

Supriya lies to Devki that Sumukhi has prepared the snacks. Radha tells Mahesh that she wishes to bear the expenditure of her engagement. Mahesh tells Radha that he is very happy. She asks Prachi if there is no custom where the groom has to change his outfit. He informs Radha about the engagement date.

Kale that Radha has rejected 71 boys till now.

Just then Pari informs Ghana that Mayi has called for kune. Manav is upset about it, but consoles himself saying that Radha will refuse again, as usual.

Oh no, there’s been an error

She tells Mahesh to inform Radha about it. He also tells her that he is sending Radha’s pagnachi, horoscope and bio-data. Mayi gets a little emotional seeing Vinod.


Mahesh points out that they are just pretending, and they will finally have to face disappointment. Vallari asks Supriya to accompany her for Ghana’s shopping.

Shripad Mohan Joshi is solving a crossword puzzle, while his epiwode Devki Ila Bhate is grumbling over the increased prices and other things. Avinash compliments Radha as she is looking very beautiful in her engagement sari.

Eka Lagnachi Doosri Goshta – Episode 25 – video dailymotion

Ghana asks Mauli if he lacked anything in life just because he didn’t marry. He advises Vallari to allow Ghana to have registered marriage or else bear the consequences. Radha tells Devki that she wants to talk to dusai about an important topic. They talks about each other’s nature. Radha reminds him that they need to give a prior notice to the registrar for the registration of their marriage. Devki gets worried to see Shripad tensed.

Eka Lagnachi Doosri Goshta – Episode 25

Mahesh is upset about it and Radha tries to pacify him. And what is his habit? Mahesh tells Radha about the nightmares of his death.