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The Egnater parallel loop is a bit different than most. Help FAQs Go to top. Support Service Center Warranty F. Your name or email address: Even though the entire signal is being routed through the effects unit, the tone is still coming out of it uncompromised. Too much loud rock music back in the 70s and early 80s and late 90s. The direct signal remains unaltered and the effects are simply mixed back in.

This includes echo, reverb, chorus, flanging. You can use echo, reverb, noise reduction, tremolo, equalizers etc. Dec 31, Messages: There are also units available to change the levels that may help, such as the Ebtech Line Level Shifter. Tweaker 15 has a buffered series loop. Now connect another high quality shielded cable from the effect output to the return jack.

Bruce knows his stuff.

Templates and tones from L6 Tone Made Easy classes. There is a solution: This puts some special demands on the effects unit. So you don’t want to use it there. Disadvantage is that your entire signal passes through the effects unit and may……mess with your tone.

It’s a fairly small unit too, so it did take up that much space on the board. It’s a moot point for me because I returned the amp, just wasn’t doing it for me. There is a simple internal modification to reduce the loop level. tweakrr

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This allows greater control over effect depth and gives the user control over how much of the effect is present in the output. Slow down there cowboy. Please email me for the information.


Consequently, you may often encounter level compatibility problems that are difficult to remedy without external gadgets such as the Evnater box to make them work properly. Partially depends what your definition of low watts is. Much like a professional mixing console, a parallel effects loop splits the signal with the dry signal both sending through the loop and remaining in the amplifier.

Sounds like you want the abridged encyclopedia answer to everything. Home Forums Recent Posts.

Are all effects loops created equally? If I go for the new amp, I’d hate to get rid of the M13, but may have to return to regular stomp boxes. If you’re going to saturate the power section, which after all is the point of a low watt amp, that occurs after the loop anyway so all you’re going to gain is parallsl tiny extra bit of clarity out of that delay, and with an AC15 that’s pretty much minute.

So for a pure parallel mixer setup, an external device is needed. Hey Bruce, Wow, I didn’t realize that and egnter have missed that when I was doing my research in the various discussions as to how the loop worked in the Tweaker. Egnater Tweaker with Marshall cab. In this setup the whole signal goes parallfl the fx device not parallel.

However, it has also highlighted that we need some community input into what is working and what is not working for members here. I also use a Moen GEC9 true-bypass loop selector for creating patches to take pedals in and out of my signal path and for channel switching on the JCA50H. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


We proposed some changes to the Emporiums.

The Egnater fad run its course?

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I sure would like a Supersonic head! I’m definitely interested though in this adjustment, so I’ll e-mail you. Any help would be really appreciated.

You don’t run your Decimator there. GOOD People to deal with: I soooo wish the my Vox Night Train had a loop. LPVMJun 29, It also adds a peak paralle incase your driving it too hard. The discussion thread on the is here! Below is a pic of my pedal board as I was getting close to completing it a few months ago. It simply mixes in the amount of effect using the effect knob on the front panel, much like the effects buss on a mixing console.

Once the SA was dialed in, each pedal sounds the way it should with both the clean and the gain channels. Help FAQs Go to top. If your effects gadget does not have level controls, it pagallel be assumed you will get unity gain when plugged in. I had a rebel 20 years ago when they came out. Let’s try this again.