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This 7 minute program caught my daughter’s attention immediately. Even though she is only 6 months old, she loves to clap with eebee to the music, make faces and she tries to makes some of the sounds that eebee has made. Anyway, after I put them on he loses interest. My favorite part was putting the shapes on her and watching her figure them out and get them off. This app had held my 25 month old grandsons attention for the last 9 months. Paper and Box Play.

Rutolo Dietrich Click Here to see more reviews about: I think she will be a Big Hit. She went through the tunnel and stacked her toys in it. Every baby loves to explore their surroundings and try to figure stuff out. What makes a loud sound? He seems to mimic their activities with the blocks and balls down ramps. My husband is a police officer in our home town, and works a lot with the Department of Human Services.

She was so excited I wished I could have had a video camera recording eeee I heartily recommend both the show and the doll, to parents at home.

But one can sit down and read a book for so long before both of you gets spisodes of quacking and mooing. As a first time mom I run out of fresh ideas easily.

Eebee! Eebee! Eebee! Eebee!

From the “art” of exploring textures to the “science” of rolling a ball, this app Includes 6 multi-award winning, unique, playful video adventures created by former Sesame Street and Disney execs. This DVD was filled with fun things to do with your toddler. We have most of the Baby Einstein videos, which the girls enjoy too, but from a teacher’s stand point I know that kids learn from actually doing, not just seeing and hearing, this video incorporates all the learning styles by providing ideas for parents on interactive play.


For me as a parent I find it an invaluable tool for learning how to play with my daughter and a rich source for project playtime ideas for my child. I like how easy it is to play along with my 11 month old son. Even though she is only 6 months old, she loves to clap with eebee to the music, make faces and she tries to makes some of the sounds that eebee has made.

He immediately started chewing on one of the shapes.

Compatibility Requires iOS 9. We always play along when we watch the show on demand.

They explore everyday situations from laundry time to play time in this DVD. Invent your own playful games! How can I tell him no when it is reading he wants to do?

Thank you for creating this for our loved ones. Family and Life in Las Vegas Permalink. Thank you so much. The only thing is it left quite a display on our floor having paper all over! By far the only time I eebse had her attention was when I was reading a certain book that contained things to touch, and for me—animals to breath life into.

The DVD arrived yesterday and the girls loved it. We can’t wait for the doll to come eebee. Almost Bedtime shows popular nighttime rituals, including washing up, putting on pajamas, and story time.

We can use the play ideas without the video too. As a first time mom, it is very important to me to soak up all the knowledge I can about how to teach my child. I have told many people about Eebee, even showed my friends and family when they are over. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. I was super excited when eebee agreed to let me feature them on Real Mom Reviews. How did he do that?


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So we best start early! I would be more than willing to share Eebee with others and already have. We usually just watch the program then do the activities when it’s not on. The books are completely hardcover so there is no need to worry about the little one messing up the pages. What happens when …? I received the videos. I would like to know do you have dolls of eebee. I have spoke of eebee’s adventures to several moms already and will continue to do so, it’s my pleasure.

It was a great Mommy and me time with my daughter. She loves to sit and lift flaps and get excited when she finds something hiding. A couple of weeks ago my 15 year old stepdaughter came upon your show on on cable’s on demand listing. Eebee books are fun and educational interactive books put out for babies up to age three. All the best, Jessica J. In Exploring Real Stuff eebee and the babies explore everyday items that children can relate to and finding out what they feel like, how they move and if they make sound.

babyy I like how eebee is based more on activity and less just on visual stimulation. I can remember being a child and being fascinated with making shadow puppets.

Connor has expressed a lot of interest in meeting eebee.