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Nothing, will you please accompany Shreya to passport office? Morsel of food in the hands of Gopika You don’t talk man, it pains me in unspecified area. I’m little busy in kitchen. Are you doubting my experience? Please send him away from here.

What about your love then? Yadavram, working with TT. He’s stealing you in the name of US. Buddy, I forgot to tell you a thing in this cell matter. You’ll reach your station You’re giving him boons, right? Uncle, this side not that side.

How is sister-in-law, brother?

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If I talk to girls, he says they’ll spoil me I’ll show you how to live without boy friends. Not attending college today?

So to make them remember that great man’s ideals once again. I told her that you’re not married. Do you know how you appear in my dreams? I’ve fallen in love with her happily Okay, don’t mistake me. I didn’t get you.


Please come to my colony park immediately. Where the hell are you fulll

No phone calls or messages. What is he doing near the lift? If you trust them, they’ll give their lives. We got money for today’s expenses! Don’t challenge and lose your livelihood, uncle. God is really testing me. We’ll get rid of that area’s damned girls. Still not yet asleep?

I’ll tell you few lies which you try to digest it carefully. Why a gift suddenly? Compared to the you hurt our hearts this is nothing. Pack your experience and keep it aside.

He’s coming like a peacock in it’s englsh splendour! Why did you got him out? Look, that’s Hi-Tech city! I know you love me. Already it’s late night! You show the ice cream and make us lick the ground. They’re gone, come out. I don’t know if my husband will give me freedom or not.

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He doesn’t look like that. Looks like he’s ruining my home! Today’s youth themselves can’t understand their attitude, the real truth is they’re an enigma to their parents too. If Manemma comes to know you’re not married, his well oiled stick would be put to good use.


I don’t get anything. Mummy, I’m thinking of asking him to accompany me to passport office. Driver, stop the bus. He’ll not apply coconut oil to his hair also. Why is aunty here with her? Don’t you know to talk properly? All your problems are solved from today!