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Donnie punches Richard, and Richard is arrested. A nurse becomes suspicious about Ava and Donnie’s identities and calls the police, and they flee, but are arrested on their return home. Back in the bedroom, Pippa hides when Naz comes in, but Naz sees her foot. Meanwhile, Stevie tries to persuade Sol to go out by breaking the television, however, the electricity in the flat goes off. Get them on your desktop now! Ava meets Riley, who has cuts on her arm.

Whitney later tells Asher the trainers are different sizes and demands her money back. Asher and Sol arrive, and Asher asks Marlon if Sol can dance at the dance-off. Stevie gets a short phonecall from her mother in Brazil, and Naz looks at the birthday card. Stevie lets Naz’s father into the flat and he takes her out to the car and Stevie tells Naz she will save her. Asher tries to find work on the local market but nobody will take him, so he steals some trainers from a van. Asher and Stevie then agree that the first person to buy a bed gets to sleep in that bedroom.

Naz arrives and apologises for the incident with Tamwar, and tells Stevie to flirt her way into employment.

Naz then shows Stevie how to flirt properly by practicing on Sol. Back in the bedroom, Pippa hides when Naz comes in, but Naz sees her foot.

Leon is inside with Lucy Beale. Asher sells the trainers and buys a bed, but when Stevie sees it, she thanks Asher for getting her bed back, as it is the same one Olly took earlier. Watch Now 15 minutes and eastenfers seconds. Richard informs Donnie that Ava and Riley have spoken, leading to Donnie becoming angry and eashenders mayhem across the neighbourhood with Faith.

Zainab MasoodTamwar Masood. Asher hides and Fatboy tells him that things will catch up with him.

Hawkins and Himesh Patel [47]. Ava meets Riley, who has cuts on her arm. Zainab discovers the Square e;isode been vandalised and takes photos, showing them to Richard.


Olly barges into the flat and Stevie gives him the deposit but he says he has already given notice and they have to leave the next day. Sol and Naz wake up having spent the night together. Mercy goes to Tamwar for his help and Fatboy walks in thinking that Tamwar is her baby’s father. Mercy returns to the flat where Fatboy looks after her. Stevie meets Pippa and badmouths her last boyfriend, and Pippa introduces Olly to her as her new boyriend. After spending their first night in the flat, Mercy has 12 unanswered phone calls from her grandmother.

Fat Boy’s party at 89b gets out of hand, and the police are called. She tells him to stop but he rapes her. He runs after her to apologise. Afterwards, they almost kiss but her phone rings, and they return to the flat to meet Stevie.

The series 1 characters all make appearance epiosde series 2, and Fatboy is a recurring character. She explains serjes wanted Sol and Naz to work things out.

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Episode 4 Watch Now 8 minutes and 23 seconds First shown Wednesday 13 Jan Leon’s boxing match is disrupted by an unwanted guest and the group’s days living for free at 89b George Street appear to be numbered. As they hug, she looks worried. Naz packs her backs at home to go to Turkey, but as her father comes to get her, he finds she has escaped through a window. Watch Now 6 minutes and 41 seconds First shown Sunday 17 Jan Asher joins them and they return to Stevie’s flat, eastensers says she does not mind them all staying with her.

Naz says to forget her family as tonight they will celebrate properly.

Episodes from Series 1

Riley is taunted by her bully, Talia. Mercy then tells Benjamin she is expecting his baby. Naz orders a curry hoping that Masood will deliver it but Tamwar does instead, and he finds Stevie waiting in bed. Eastendesr is angry as she promised to be there but then she tells him she is pregnant. The press camp outside epiisode carehome continue to hound Ava.


Heather TrottGeorge Trott. When Mercy gets home, Fatboy’s meal is cold.

Naz finds Stevie sitting alone in the launderette while Asher tells Sol that the dance crew is their future. Freak Like Me Documentary. Watch Now 8 minutes and 23 seconds First shown Wednesday 13 Jan Ava confides in Richard, and kisses him after misreading sdries sign. Retrieved 10 August Mercy walks out in tears, Leon comforts her and Fatboy sees them holding hands.

She ends up soaking their new keyworker, Theresa. She goes to the launderette where Heather works, and steals her purse while she is in the back office.

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The trio are forced to clean The Queen Victoria pub for Phil. Retrieved 2 May John Yorkealong with Santer for series one, Bryan Kirkwood from series eastennders and Sarah Miller from series 3, executively produces the series, and Deborah Eeastenders is producer.

Find out more about page archiving. Sol returns home but his neighbour tells him his mother was taken away. Leon manages to track her down and issues her with an ultimatum.

EastEnders: E20

Asher wakes up in bed with a girl who leaves because the bed is too small. Zsa Zsa goes to visit her dad and is shocked when Leon finds her. Jane then tells two police officers he is a thief and they chase him.

At the party, Asher poses as Stevie’s boyfriend and several people ask Sol to supply them with drugs. Stevie insults Pippa and Pippa pushes her over into the punch bowl. He says if she comes to his boxing match, he will know how she really feels.