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I hear Jabha Abbay was a bastion of discussion? If you go to government offices , people think it is their democratic right to have an hour long coffee break twice a day. If you remember, Hayat Adem was pushed to disclose her identity by Nitricc. We have thousands you old people who forgot about the nation and just die one by one hopelessly. S why will i wait ,i did not have short memory sir. Here you are spending

The only aspiration I see is weather the system leads to liberal democracy or not. You have invoked the great emancipator and the dark side of his presidency when he suspended the h. Sometime by pretending as if he is against the regime he thinks he is fooling some people while its obvious that he is working to defend the un defendable evil regime , just read his comments and see in support of who he writes. An intellectual is an educated person who is usually in the academia or of a scientific or highly sophisticated research oriented career. Ethiopia insisted, in line with classical DS and in line with its leftist thinking, Bank, telecommunication and land will stay in the hands of the government. They were announced to be the other face of Ms Sheila B.

The former is about appreciation in transaction, the latter is loss in translation, The privilege of breezing air, the freedom to think, the freedom to movement, the right to practice faith, the right to raising normal family and lead undisrupted life…all these are sacred values everywhere- be it in the west, east, wherever. If he accept the official invitation, right here in this forum, he will asked his phone number for contact to discuss about the procedural process with the selecting committee.

So you are wrong and I am not sure why Sal was impressed by you and your points so far are disappointment, just because someone can mention Lincoln does not mean he is using logic. I urge the Opposition to recognize that they are part of the State of Eritrea which is under the process of being establishedand the State of Ethiopia has not ended its last war with the State of Eritrea. Partially I understand but there should be other arrangement if that is the only reason why government doest want to privatize.


Your starting point is aspiration. In either case, before the war was over, the Union would face both rebellion and invasion, and inCongress passed a law, the Habeas Corpus Indemnity Act, in support of Lincoln. The Economist had a piece and while most of its criticism had already been addressed by PMMZ in world economic forum in I think, this graphic perfectly illustrates how and why Nigeria, Kenya are the IT hubs of Afeica and Ethiopia is…well: Furthermore, the economic policy is liberal as it is exhibited in South East Asian countries.

That is not a mistake or a shortcoming but a crime. Zelzala bicha new agerun yemolaw. This is interesting discussion.

Gheteb is not my best choice for my political view but he is one of the best you can find. I think I understand your position. But, he thinks you are not obliged, nor is he entitled.

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Wendata eyalu yadefafiralu Esachewus keman yansalu? Second what are the new ideas that I am rejecting? Saay, Sabri, Haile-TG and Hayat should debate on this system as pro and cons to understand the general public in order the public to make informed decisions.

My statement is not different from your statement, that the opposition can not move forward and hence they are failed so far to address the problem of our nation. Then we went back home. This is where the power of PFDJ is formidable.

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I believe we have to make debating and negotiating a habit. You seem to regret for your fathers action. OK let me pass that small glitch and pick up the phone to a regime supporter and tell them that myself. That is not good advice for me. I do remember the long discussion I had with you on democracy and development. I am wondering what will the tigray based opposition say about badme if they got the ,ovies to sit on the throne.


They can come with their own program totally different from DS. If you take the two most populated nations of our planet China, Indiafor example, one is run as the largest developmental state; the other is run as the largest democracy.

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He debate the basic things quite unique and I always admire his take. There is no tigry based opposition. Chances are, you will be met bad word with bad word or worse.

Hello Abi, Politikegna honk ende? This does not require the judges to negotiate, discuss, or convince each other on settling difference. At that time the economic policy of Etgiopia was not clear.

I did not watch all parts. I know what he wanted and that will not be my answer. And it would be understandable. Furthermore, it expressed full support for the patience and self-restraint with which the government has handled the matter eastsfro mandated it to treat the issue appropriately and bring it to conclusion.

Dear Saleh SGJI am really afraid that the reformist might settle this ardeous struggle with reformed auhtoritariam regime after Issayas. No interest to develop the nation. It feels like there is a tornado in the hous everyday. He movles be thinking inside you could afford to help if you cared. Did they fight for the freedom of Eritrea from your father? Hi Mahmud What is chegar dagna?