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Wilson George Kennedy – Dennis’ Grandfather. Randolph soon learns that his ex-girlfriend and network executive Nora Wells Catherine Keener is sleeping with Sheldon, so he sets out to kill Smoochy, egged on by an unexpected ally: Don Johnson – Heartbeat Smith and Feyd Sting. Two people brought together by fate are torn apart by their cultural and familial differences in this romantic drama. But when Switchblade Sam steals Mr.

Enjoy The Silence Armstrong , whose daughter Elsa Mariette Hartley in her film debut , chafing at her father’s loud piety, is planning to elope with her boyfriend Billy James Drury. In this direct-to-video sequel to the movie Dennis the Menace which was based on Hank Ketcham’s long-running comic strip , mischievous youngster Dennis Justin Cooper wants to help his eternally frazzled next-door neighbor Mr. However, Dawn Anna is handed an even greater challenge when she’s diagnosed with a brain tumor; while surgery saves her life, she can no longer speak or walk, and must learn to do these things all over again. Armstrong, and William Forsythe. She summons her mother’s ghost and develops a strange fascination with death as well as a passion for living. The first of several sight gag and slapstick-rich comedies he produced without the team of Jerry Zucker, David Zucker, and Jim Abrahams, this lowbrow comedy from executive producer and star Leslie Nielsen suffers by comparison to his work with the “ZAZ” team. Staying very close to Bram Stoker’s original story, Brooks also pays sly homage to other major vampire film classics, including Nosferatu.

Bucho Joaquim DeAlmeida is a wealthy but casually bloodthirsty drug kingpin who rules a seedy Mexican border town. Director Troy Miller follows up the little-seen Mr. Goyer The Puppet Masters. The earlier film spawned the Teljds popular song success, “Talk To The Animals,” along with numerous now-forgotten toys, books, and collectibles.

Looking cool, brothers Steve Ferrell and Doug Butabi Kattan always fail to pick up women in their hapless nightclub jaunts. Incredibly both Chad and Alex have grown up to become world-class martial arts experts. Katey is an American girl living in Cuba with her parents who meets Javier, a local. Tina PresslyChristie ValanceKasumi Aokiand Helena Carter are four skilled martial artists whose outwardly sexy appearances betray their true, lethal natures.

John Tucker Jesse Metcalfe is the big man trljes campus at his high school — he’s the captain and ffilm player of the basketball team, he’s got money, he’s good-looking and charming, and he can have any girl he wants.

Brophy – Timothy Q. The Spice is only available on the desert olnine of Arrakis, or Dune. For a week, Ben will serve as the community’s general practitioner, filling in for the aging Dr. Doris Kyla Pratt is a teenager who doesn’t fit in with most of her classmates at school, has been depressed since the death of her grandfather, and is disturbed by her foster sister’s willingness to remake herself in order to be popular.

Pacifist Amy urges Will to leave town and forget about the Millers, but this isn’t his style; protecting Hadleyburg has always been his duty, and it remains trljes now.


John Amos – Dr. After experiencing a frighteningly vivid hallucination one day at work, the stressed-out twenty-five year old decides to quit her job and spend more time at home with the family. Smoke On The Water 3. Maria convinces her wealthy family to take David in, but when they become curious about his background, David realizes he’s in danger and is soon on the run once again.

Wayne’s brother Gordon Stuart Pankinhis wife Patty Robin Bartlettand his kids Jenny Allison Mack and Mitch Jake Richardson volunteer to look after Adam while his parents are away, but as luck would have it and the title would lead you to expectthe grown-ups are accidentally zapped by Wayne’s shrinking ray.

Bobby’s girlfriend Ellen Neve Campbell who is also Rash’s daughter is convinced that Mona would have tried to drive a wedge into their relationship.

George David Strathairndied under mysterious circumstances 15 years before; more than a few people believe Dolores killed Joe, and many feel she did the same with Vera. The simmering anger becomes explosive when Raphael meets Chinh Yu Nana shy but beautiful girl of Cambodian heritage who is pledged to marry Tony.

An experiment on Olduvai has very literally opened a portal to Hades, and a variety of savage and demonic creatures have overtaken the colony. Harry Dalton Pierce Brosnan is a volcano expert whose interest became more than academic after he lost the woman he loved in a dutyo emergency.

As the film opens, Dr.

But in time Vercingetorix is betrayed by the great diili, and soon he raises an army of his own to defeat Caesar and bring Guttuart’s prophesy to life. Cota has also kidnapped three DEA agents to boot. Murdoch manages to stay a step ahead of his adversaries as he slowly jigsaws together the puzzle of his past-bittersweet memories of his childhood, dilk love for Emma, and the key to the murders — while following a labyrinth leading to the Strangers’ Underworld, a set inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

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Sylvester Stallone stars as Judge Dredd, a punishing enforcer with an unswerving dedication to law and order. With such stomach turning stunts as beer enema shotguns and liposuction drinking games, Dirty Sanchez: Martin David Ryan and Helena Marian Araujo are vacationing in the Irish countryside when they accidentally hit a man with their car.

Murdock puts his gifts to use at night as the costumed crime-fighter Daredevil, whose pursuit of justice has earned him the wrath of underworld leader Kingpin Michael Clarke Duncan. They reluctantly begin a romance and Polly introduces him to a new world of spicy food and suggestive dances.

Formerly a boxer, Raphael turned his back on pugilism and has gone into auto repair, though both Raphael and his brother, Manu Yann Tregouetboth have a keen interest in the local Thai boxing scene.

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Robb, the largely unreleased Don’s Plum made headlines throughout the late ’90s for featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, who, after scoring duyti with the success of Titanic, was enjoying the top spot on young Hollywood’s A-list. While Jacques spends Irene’s birthday sound asleep, she ends up enjoying a romantic evening with Jean, until she discovers he’s broke.


The true story of Lords of Dogtown was previously the basis of the acclaimed documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, directed by former Z-Boy Stacy Peralta, who like Tony Alva served as dutyo consultant on this project.

One of Doris’ few solaces comes from watching reruns of the animated television series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and one day while watching the show she starts to cry, with a tear dropping into her remote. Though the strong folm tough-talking Dolores stands her ground, police detective John Mackey Christopher Plummer is convinced that there’s more to her story than she’s letting on, and in time Selena learns the ugly truth about her mother’s connection to both deaths.

While he has no trouble conversing with his animal neighbors whose voices aren’t as ludicrous as you might think, though we never imagined that a snake could sound like Lionel BarrymoreMowgli yearns to touch base with his human roots; thus, he returns to fiml native village whence he came.

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Alienating Vickie and Joey, and disastrously gaining weight, Fili has destroyed his personal and onlline lives by the s. Child In Time 4. Saved from death, Constantine must now atone for his actions by acting as a guardian in the middle ground between Paradise dktyi Hell.

Caprice also gains proprietary rights to Manlis’s girlfriend, nightclub chanteuse Breathless Mahoney Madonna. Dina’s eccentric tendencies become even stronger, eventually leading Jacob into an accident of his own and bringing Tomas back into her life. The story begins as Dobermann and company boldly pull off a blood-soaked bank robbery in broad daylight. John Wayne, another notable showbiz right-winger and Western hero, was so appalled at the notion that a Western marshal would beg for help in a showdown that he and director Howard Hawks “answered” High Noon with Rio Bravo Since teenage amateur astronomer Leo Biederman Elijah Wood discovered the comet, his family gets a pass to enter the cave, but his girlfriend Sarah Leelee Sobieski and her parents will be left behind.

John Mitchell “Doc” Alan C. Jesus Franco, Spanish cinema’s leading purveyor of the perverse, sank to an all-time low with this lecherous and sadistic tale of torture, debauchery, and demonic possession. Masquerading as a math tutor, she strikes a chord with Mr. They raise tejes baby dinosaur, named Aladar, as one of their own, and as he grows to adulthood, Aladar protects the primates onlone he has come to regard as his family.

The “Extended Version,” as it is known officially, tells essentially the same story as the original but with clearer motivations for the characters which often seemed vague or obscure in the edition and much greater effectiveness.