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True Blood S03E07 p. German subtitle Deutsch untertitel. Italian subtitle sottotitoli Italiano. Walk Like A Man 6. Corrections made on ndr77’s version. Stedet med alle de bedste serier True Blood S03 p Bluray x vin. Fixing running time error causing the file not to run.

True Blood s06e01 p p p x by persian movie. True – blood -who-are-you-really-yearboscd. Synchronize in three easy steps! Contains no HI notations. True Blood03x07Hitting the Ground. The subtitles are not in sync with your movie?

Danish subtitle Danske undertekster. True – blood -who-are-you-really-yearczecd. I Smell A Rat. True – blood -who-are-you-really-yearscccd.

Credit to original subber. True – Blood – S06E Credits to the original authors. Added missing recap, Corrections made, Credit to original subber. German subtitle Deutsch untertitel. Probably working fine for many other HDTV releases as well. Original sub from VeRdiKT, with some corrections of text and timing. True Blood S01E12 p. dutcb

Dutch subtitle Nederlandse ondertitels. True – blood – s06e01 -repack-hdtv-xhd-sub. Fixing running time error causing the file not to run. True – blood -who-are-you-really-yearhuncd. True – rrue -who-are-you-really-yearhebcd.


Subtitles for movie True Blood S06e01

True Blood03x07Hitting the Ground. Corrections made on VeRdiKT’s version.

Romanian subtitle subtitrari Romana. True – blood -who-are-you-really-yearukrcd. True – blood -who-are-you-really-yearfincd. This is the foreign parts translated from what I assume is Swedish to Romanian subs to finally English using Google Translate. True Blood opening credits. True Blood S01 p Bluray x vin. Enjoy and huge hugs and thanks to Honeybunny! Season 1 complete p HDTV x True – blood -who-are-you-really-yearnorcd.

Hungarian subtitle Magyar feliratok. DramaMysteryFantasy Countries: Ripped af Ouija for www. True – blood – s06e01 -hdtv-xhd-dan. Within 10 minutes, Honeybunny synced it so please give her your thanks.

True – Blood – S06E01 -srpski-latinica. The subtitles are not in sync with your movie? Fixed spelling and capitailization.

Subtitles for True Blood

I have translated from swedish to english. Thanks to Honeybunny for the sync. Contains no HI sutitles. True – blood -who-are-you-really-yearfrecd. Credit elderman and addic7ed.

Who Are You, Really? subtitles Dutch

I Will Rise Up, With minor corrections, credit to original subber. Croatian subtitle Hrvatski titlovi. Corrected some timing problems.


True – blood -who-are-you-reallynor-1cd.