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League of Legends – Noc Noc Revolution. Pet on my Life ft. You need to login to do this. Money money many man. Legend of Dunkey in Paris. We see that you’re using an ad-blocker!

Black Ops 2 Ft. Dunkstin Checks In feat. Papa John is a Fraud. One day, he created “League of Legends: Numerous variation of that comment has since sprouted such as, “Fuck you black, I do not watch your videos because you are Dunkey”. As of August , the video has gained over , views. League of Legends Final Boss song. Petters On The Law.

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League of Legends : The Movie – Vloggest

Green Eggs and Jam. About VideoGameDunkey is the online leyends of Jason Gastrow, a YouTube gamer from Wisconsin, notable for joking around and making League of Legends videos, though he has since quit making videos on the game due to personal lack of enjoyment. After an insert anything that just happened tue that, I could really go for a YouTube video. LoL Cypher – Dunkey calling out Protoman. If anyone still viewing this has the technology, I’m willing to go back in time and assassinate my own self before this was uploaded.


As of Augustthe video has gained overviews. View All Related Entries. Rise of the Ops. Petters on the Low Husky Remix. Videogamedunkey – Urf Rap. Since then Dunkey has specialised in posting reviews “dunkviews” and humorous gameplay videos, adding some Cuckoolander Commentator commentary peppered with Breathless Non Sequiturs and Surreal Humorusually for Mind Screw effect. One day, he created “League of Legends: Petters On The Law. Hitman killed one maid!

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You don’t get shot playing Street Fighter! It’s a good thing I brought my kill lehends, then. No, it’s actually really good.

Legend of Dunkey in Paris by Alfred. Hell Jam feat Syntheicsax. He also makes serious and deeply insightful videos discussing certain topics in video games, as well a slew of other miscellaneous content. Loz Dunkey in Paris. Dunston Checks In feat.

Petters On The Low 1. The Mystery of Gazoolgo. Urf Rap x 1. Videogamedunkey – Dunkey in Paris. VideoGameDunkey Uploaded by Dopesmoker.

Black Ops 2 feat Eminem. Ultra Rapid Fire Rap.

Super Duper Smash Bros. Money money many man.

Numerous variation of that og has since sprouted such as, “Fuck you black, I do not watch your videos because you are Leaue. He’s a fucking bozo! I’ve known Jay for almost 7 years now, and this is just a part of him really. Petters on the Low Expert Mix. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Get Known if you don’t have an account. Petters on the Low x 1.


Beowgochow by Sim Gretina.

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Footloose Kenny Loggins cover. By using Winslow on TupacI’ve disabled all his special moves.

There’s a pretty good one of him by the window. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Call of Duty On June 16th,he uploaded a video celebrating the channel reaching 1 million subscribers which moie him dancing with his friends and fans through Skype.

Legend of Dunkey in Paris. Black Ops 2 feat.

In less than a month the video gained overviews. Legend of Zelda Dunkey In Paris. Urf Rap Expert Mix. When he’s not being a clown, he really is a smart and creative dude.