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To accomplish this on more modern Linux distro’s with udev, do the following: Its written in java and should run on linux too. Wed May 28, 8: A long time ago someone made the request to support comments inside key entry lines of the KEYDB file, i always wanted to add this with a next release but i never found the time to work on DumpHD. It contains the program for both 32 and 64 bit and a library file that can be used with dumpHD directly – no need to run AACS manually any more, just put the. Mon May 26, 3:

Once you use the application and remove the protection, you are able to play the disc contents on your computer without any restrictions. The newest known version of this software is 0. Decryption will FAIL if you point it at the symlink! As far as playback for the actual movie once ripped , just install MPlayer on a fast box at least dual-core, 3ghz or so with the right use flags and you should be able to play it back without problem. The latest version contains a 32bit linux version of the program and the library as well as the source code. Thu May 08, 4: Your screenshots must be in PNG format.

You can either dump your disc to a folder of your choice to edit it further or you can use dumphd in commandline mode to stream the movie directly to your media player might give performance issues – since there are no drivers yet to support GPU based decoding. The information to use for each of these is in the aacskeys zip file. It is available for purchase from SlySoft.

You can find links to the altered firmware on Doom9. The program is using a gui frontend which should be self-explanatory. Or maybe it is and dumphd is not? What you need for BluRay on gentoo or any other linux: DumpHD displays a comprehensive interface and makes the entire decryption process as straightforward rah possible.

Deb Multimedia Packages::dumphd

I’m running Gentoo Launch it by pointing mythavtest at its mount point, eg:. Images larger than x pixels will automatically be reduced. Best try dumphd first.


You do not need to create a line item for each disc! Newer keys can be found on the internet the doom9 forums are the place to go, or look here. Here is what to do: Where’s dvdJon when you need him??? Mon May 12, Upload new screenshots Start uploading.

Has anyone got DumpHD to work?

It may become unreadable. Click to load comments. If the playback works properly, copy the file into your MythTV video directory. My second link is about a tool named dumpHD made by someone in the doom9 forums.

Note that you may have to run wine as root for this to work. At this point, it is possible to play back your film. Display posts from previous: New in DumpHD 0.

So with a new host key or processing key it would be possible to use aacskeys again? The more brains involved the better My next step will be to try to get the aacskeys linux version running. Some of them are in the keydb. I couldn’t find any comments on it in the aacskeys doom9 forums-thread. More information to follow.

I’ll patch it manually. For the newest discs check the doom9 forums. I’m going away for a few days, but hopefully by this time next week I’ll have AnyDVD running on it and I’ll post back with the results. Shrink the applications window if possible. Tue May 27, 6: Take only a screenshot of the respective application and not of your whole desktop unless the screenshot is meant for a window manager. So I’ll wait for my american HD discs – they shoud arrive any day now. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Hi, I’m also trying to sort this out, I’m not bothered about playing BluRay I’ve got a PS3 for that or burning them, but I would like to be able to rip them.

High Definition Disk Formats

The whole process of decrypting is working like this not yet verified, slightly corrected – please correct me if I’m wrong! It takes some dmphd until the latest MKB version keys are out. So far, I’ve got the hitchhiker-sources kernel installed, works perfectly. Patching firmware is risky and should only be done if you know what you’re doing and you accept the risk of invalidating your drive’s warranty, possible execution of malicious code or even rendering your drive unusable bricked.


I’m still a bit confused about the different sorts of keys but I guess I’m beginning to grab the concept. Mon May 26, 1: Useful programs for making screenshots are shutter, ksnapshot KDEgimp, xwd or scrot.

Please set your language to english so that everybody understands it. Wed May 28, It is a Python script that will automatically bpu and compress titles to a directory named after the movie title. I had problems with aacskeys too under linux so I used the windows version with wine and it gave me a whole list of keys. Now that i have compiled new database files from the key threads and some of the posted keys contain comments i finally implemented this feature.

If you have accurate Ra and Processing Key information, and are pointing the player at the correct mountpoint, the Volume Unique Keys will be calculated automatically.

Simply run the firmware update file for your dumpdh under Wine and enjoy. I checked the found keys with validatevuk win programm also and it returned me a “not valid” message. While it is currently impossible to place a Rya disk in the drive and play it with MythTV, one can rip the files onto the hard drive and play them with the internal player.