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No, it will say loading, then just click the start video button that pops up and Katara king, tho Ty lee and Azula are just damn. She’s a big avatar fan and she was just as stoked as you guys on that last epidsode, but she said the same thing about Korra getting her bending back. Otherwise I thought it was a good ending. It was on, was it about them going back on to the island, the korra had to fight that water bender guy The writing was phenomenal, and I enjoyed seeing the development that has happened in the last or so years. It is quite awesome though.

While she was transported back to Gaoling by her two captors, she tried desperately to break the cage until Master Yu chided that, even if she was the best earthbender alive, it was impossible to bend the metal. Last edited Mar 25, at I just looked up more info on this and apparently it’s getting delayed till because all the buzz already around it got nick to order another Second season for it. I want to know how he did it without a full moon. I’m also confused on what the next season could be about. At this point, Toph realized that metal was only purified earth, just as Guru Pathik was explaining this to Aang many miles away at the Eastern Air Temple. I’m confused right now:

I wonder if it could be reversed. I looked and nothing came up today for it.

Also, Toph’s daughter scares me — though I love what they’ve done with metalbending. How did he learn blood bending? First two episodes http: That’s what theyre calling it? Considering they’re teenagers I think Zuko’s son made both of the brothers with Toff’s daughter that metal bending general and instructed them separately. Here are pictures from Comic Con of Book 2. Stoked on book 2 though, i heard a how’s VA is voicing dubhaopy main antagonist spirit.


I really loved the first episode the leaked one of course. MisterMustache While the “Avatar” series premiered on Nickelodeon, it’s developed a huge fanbase in the teens and young adults demographic.

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I honestly need to re-watch the entire first series and I’d suggest leyend who hasn’t seen it already to watch the first series as soon as possible to understand the context of Legend of Korra. Maybe, yes, I’ll get back to you. Simmons If that name doesn’t ring any bells to you, watch this video. I’m confused right now: Probably, totally, I korrra know.

They were spisode good in my opinion. Earth, Fire, Air, Water. Obviously it’s not going to be a black and white issue like it was with the last generation, since it’s easy to understand why people who can’t bend would rise against benders, especially considering how the society is currently structured. You can view it here: She was 14 in Avatar: Naw, Im talking about the station.

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Edit nvm it was giving me some blank page wit a frog and it started up randomly. It still works, I just tried it: I liked her as a character but it would be neat if they introduced some companions for her. They named the capital of this great land “Republic City. After the War, Toph traveled extensively to teach metalbending. You can watch episode 1 and 2 consecutively on Korranation.

eposode I always missed the extras on those episodes, seen all the others like 5x each haha. I’m also confused on what the next season could be about.

Don’t read my post if you dont wanna read a spoiler i was kinda bummed on how quickly korra got her bending back. Holy hell it’s getting good and the flashback at the end was awesome.


Avatar – The Legend of Korra episode 11

Zuko becomes new Fire Lord and questions his father oof his legemd whereabouts. I’m glad he showed some expressions at the end. Basically, episode 3 was where shit suddenly got real.

I wish they would of at least done 4 seasons for all elements. How are they supposed to continue on from that though? When all of the nations united, Aang founded Republic Citythe main region that Legend of Korra takes place in, to unite all the nations and benders into one main area. Theyre running through color correction now. It was really good.

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Last edited Mar 23, at I could never really get into avatar. Personally I think that she’ll learn how episofe air bend by the end of season one as it is called Book 1 “Air. It is quite awesome though. It seems to be a bit of a widespread skill now. I’m soo pumped for new Korra, hopefully since the buzz is enough they’ll make a book three or at least make the Promise comics into animation.

Like I saw up until they met Toph then lost interest. This waiting period is starting to take a while. Todays episode was amazing and them damn flashbacks are always good to see, hell of a twist too What a good episodes. Avatar is easily one of my favorite shows of all time, better than MLP and up there with Dexter.