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I feel like I can take it out all the adjective words from dictionary just to describe this feelings. So for the exec director he wants to punish what he sees as betrayal and desertion. As he leaves, he notes an empty desk in the corner, asking what happened to the guy who was working there. Big Episode Final. Namun So Ah tidak mempercayai adanya dewa dan mengira Habaek mengalami gangguan delusional. Another one of those Fantastic Four scenes that makes you wonder when the newbies have time to rehearse those performances

I was kind of relieved to find out that GE’s accident wasn’t plotted, because that would have been too cruel. My heart broke in tiny little pieces watching his plea. Yang Kang Chil baru saja keluar dari penjara setelah 16 tahun. CaroleMcDonnell November 28, at There’s nothing fussy about her! Baek-Ki really has the hots for Young-yi now doesn’t he, gosh stalking them when gift buying heh!

Lee Sung-min Chief Oh is mine, lady! Next is how enraged he is, when he finds out that CEO Oh is behind the whole accident and scandal.

Really, I can’t figure out why life is so hard. Beng December 5, at 5: You have to practice the golden rule, assuming Anthony would want to be treated kindly and fairly in the 1st place. Geu-rae must not draamatized to burden other people with this feelings or appear helpless.

So you’ll give a hot apology.

Somos Primos The Witcher 2: She is shocked, but he looks relieved. Either he dumped her and will now use the fact that she’s not over him to keep her tied to the show which will be quite a lousy thing to door then she dumped him and he plans to continue it in a “If you act, I will forgive you” manner.


A year from now, their marriage certificate will dramatizeed replaced by a divorce filing. Angel Yong Yong takes her bow on stage, thanking the audience for enjoying her performance.

That’s what I saw when I watched the scene: I find myself going through my mind thoughts of IF I have a contract marriage fallen on my lap, with my boss… OR if a dreamy crush finds out I have a little dream of playing some fanciful instruments and he offers to give me lessons and let me perform but nth too grand a gesture.

I thought their PPLs were done more subtly and better compared to other dramas, but this episode changed my mind. CEO Oh takes this self-made opportunity to once again try to squeeze Elegant Revenge 2 in for broadcast. Out of the typical k-drama format!!! He sits outside to stare at the night sky, and as he thinks about his earlier conversation with Chief Oh, he sheds a few tears.

Yes, yes, a million times yes. Her voice changes, depending on what she is telling him and on what she wants from him she does a little bit of aegyo, I think. Mystisith November 28, at 9: This time, he literally hits CEO Oh after having told one of his workers “move, if you don’t want to die” and doesn’t care about the consequences that is assault, by the way.

So good actually, that I started to look through the net whether the actor studied German or not. Bea December 4, at 1: Song Sinopsiis Gong Seung-yeon adalah seorang aktris papan atas namun drakatized sangat sombong. That night, Yong Yong is asleep on the bed, and Yun Jie is laying on the ground just looking at her and thinking back to that moment in the parking garage when Yong Yong declared her love for him.


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The words of this episode The impact those three words in a drama had on me!! It doesn’t really have to do with not liking a certain drama, it has to do with the fact that they favor another drama over the other.

I wonder if we’ll get to see any of it. Namun dia keluar dan perannya digantikan oleh Lee Sung Min. Your email address will not be published. While a vile little misogynist. She IS getting under his skin, she beats him at his own games and she knows how to read him and she knows who he is. This was an hour filled with everything I love in a good show — tension, payoffs, teamwork, meta references, and just the right dash of romance.

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Kang had the advantage of only speaking single words instead of sentences. Jung Ryeo-won, thanks for continuing to play a kick-ass heroine, just like your previous role. I’m hoping if kindergarten teacher doesn’t end up with Dong Shik that Geu Rae will give her a chance.