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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The plot felt too simple, but at the same time, there were too many complex little things. Big thankssss to koala! I am so going to rewatch this drama again! Every character was acted superbly. It’s not a kiss really but they end up lips slightly touching for a few seconds before both pull away shocked.

Dong-chan, meanwhile, is back at the flower shop. Honest-to-goodness, I think that everyone — even the writer and director — gave up in this last episode and simply ran out of steam. YW proved her love in that she was determined to clear SR’s name from being framed again. I had much more I wanted to say yesterday that I was waiting to say today Next step, wait for the english sub for both episode 15 and 16, then find some time to re-watch the whole last 2 episodes….. I also liked that Young Won did not forgive her father. Thanks for the entertaining recaps!

I’m now interested to see how you’d rate this drama in your Drama Ratings section. When she gets up to go, Dong-chan grabs her hand and tells her to wait. Was it just me or after 10 did it start to feel dramacrazzy and maybe a bit rushed in places?

Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 16 | A Koala’s Playground

Upon seeing the message, Kang-jae muses to his lackey that he prefers the nighttime to the daytime. Same thing in Goong, coffee prince, and now this damn show!! They delivered performances that were emotionally compelling, most interesting to watch, and continually intriguing. Thanks for the entertaining recaps!

Time to move on! Judging from my skimming, I’m glad I gave up on this drama on episode 5. Let me cry a hella loud damn yes. Ah Jung gets a box from Ki Joon containing all the items that commemorate the memories they have together: This show was highly anticipated being Yoon Eun Hye’s comeback show, I have a feeling that they really did assume this would be extended so when it wasn’t they maybe crammed stuff in He brings the team food as the group huddle together to discuss plans, all the time Hye Na’s eyes keep returning to Dong Chan, he smiles when he notices her looking at him.


Wats with Yun Eun Hye Seems like a tthe little business, to me. Lastly, I’m very thankfull for your effort to recap this series whether it’s good or notI really appreciate that. Drama iLuvu Stats Counter. At the same time, they both receive text messages, which tell them that the two others will not be meeting them. Is it only me or DB is turning to be Popseoul?


Ki Joon completely understands, and gives her the room she needs to find herself again. I have to say thank you for your work dramaxrazy. I thot the place where Sero made the delivery was not Bella Fair, or am I wrong? Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

I mean, doing my work…. Mz Koala many many thanksssssssssss what a great job for all ur hardwork pls accept my sincere gratitude and appreciation ur just super duper awesome what an amazing journey with our OTP and i know this is not end for our OTP but the beginning of their true love story so we will all be waiting here in ur playground for the next real life episode of our OTP to be continued love story? Well they say, time heals all wounds and sadness.

Without you guys, the story would not have been so meaningful to me and I might have quit watching mid-way.

This dramacrrazy was high in rating not because it was written, produced or acted well, it was because of YEH and YEH alone. It was unfortunate that he didn’t get a larger and better role, but the fate of My Fair Lady wasn’t entirely dependent on it. And Dramabeans, thanks for sticking it out till the end! Looks like the writer has done some fan service in this last episode. Please click the link in that email to complete drmacrazy email change process.


Episode 16 was all about connection — the connection of the viewer to the central love story, and the connection of Ah Jung and Ki Joon to each other. Koala and to all the fans I had fun reading your comments.

Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 16

Goodbye, My Fair Lady! She thanks him for waiting for her, and tells him that she loves him. The music was badly overused but not bad on its own merits. BTS pic of staffs, her sister wearing the crown. For that reason if she can’t do the tasks they assign for her, she will willingly give up her position. And I’m glad I did not waste time actually watching this whole drama. However they all seem to busy. I enjoyed so much. This show really lived up to its title Beyond the Clouds.

To me Full Dramacrwzy was less a revenge drama than a romantic drama. Thanks for your recaps I truly appreciate episove. I love the scenes at the bedroom, when Youngg was on top of KJ who was lying flat on the bed, it was just so natural it just doesnt feel as though the both of them were acting at all but a pair of lovers… Thank ockoala for the speedy baby recap once again!