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From the preview, I don’t see any romantic moments in ep Your conversation had greatly made me think about the possibility! I’m really enjoying your recaps. She doesn’t want to cause people pain and she doesn’t want to taint the name of her adopted stepfather, but it feels like everyone else in the drama is poo-pooing her feelings and the dilemma she is in. Grandpa’s appeal crosses age and all barriers. I really love this drama, it’s fuzzy-ness wrapped in cuteness! Who wants a diamond ring when you can get a cute simple ring like that. Kumabe Yohei Supporting Cast.

So, I’m kinda bummed that the low-grade flirtation has ended so soon. I liked the silence too Who wants a diamond ring when you can get a cute simple ring like that. Those two females are the bitchiest bitches in k-drama land. I could feel the heat and the tension with the silence. This needs to be said all the time.

I was worried that music might ruin the kiseussin mood but boy, was it so heart throbbing aside from the fact that this couple is very, very visually explosive.

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That’s just how good the show was. I came back to this episode because a friend was lamenting about the acting, the overall boredom ot he last episodes and the kiss. I really love this drama, it’s fuzzy-ness wrapped in cuteness! Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. YY January 27, at 5: I’m not much of a diamond girl when it comes to rings.


Thanks JB for the recap. She gaily replies that she trusts her protector — what could happen to her with him here? He dramwcrazy be beginning to suspect something – you know what they say about old men like him, they are quick and sly, nothing escaped their attention.

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Yeah, the plot can be a little flimsy, particularly with the overwhelming importance attributed to one measly press conference. They’re perfectly almond-shaped and his eyelashes are just darling.

Cathe Ryne Denice Sarmiento January 27, at 9: I had to rewind to that part because it was simply TOO funny! Jenny January 28, at 5: I fastforwarded most of the scenes of MP so far, as the story and plot don’t seem to interest me much yet.

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I totals love this episode, only getting better!!! I liked the silence too It would also explain why Grandpa is so angry about his son. Problem with this drama is that it barely has an ost!

Park Ye Jin’s old drama to be precise. As this goes on, Hae-young sees Seol growing dispirited and looks bothered himself, but Yoon-ju presses on — aware of her effect but not bothered by it.

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The point of this story She staggers her way out in the snow, and falls over. The On and Off-ers Team. In important scenes such as the kiss, there’s only silence and no music to enhance the scene which sucks!!


I wasn’t a big fan of Pasta, but I liked it specifically because the two leads got together and stayed together! In such cold weather it’s safer for grandpa to stay at home.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. See YOu get your princess and monarcgy and your grandson is not left disinherited I cracked up when she was trying to imitate Mishil, muahaha, that’s my girl. Grandpa isn’t such 77 person.

YY January 27, at 7: R January 27, at 9: Prepare to die” scene. Lan January 27, at 2: He recites all of her outlandish behavior dancing in the street, asking a stranger to hand over his receipt, and so on to point out how very un-princessy she is.

I love all the Mishil referencing in this episode: