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Lee Seunggi’s acting shone brightly. Add a little kdrama excitement to my life, lol. HA get a call ask him to leave. Thanks a lot for recap this when will the ep 8 in? For everything in the world. I was screaming hysterically when his hyung died and Vikii didn’t have it all subbed: Please read this article http: A wonderful project for all involved to do.

Princess and the Soldier A wonderful project for all involved to do. Part I of our King 2 Hearts marathon is a doozy. I did that a long time ago. He should have known better, especially as he looks as if he’d been in service to the royal family for a long time. D And checking to see how many fanmade vids there are of Uhmforce and Flower Boy Prosecutor’s alterna-romance. No you’re not the only one who wants to kill that horrid old man! The four of the WOC members do training.

Cast – The King 2 Hearts. Let me see if this drama keep will getting better after his lost Lee Seung Gi Main Cast. So happy to see Lee Sung min play a heroic, beautiful and relatable character. Now they are in a room and pointing gun each other.

Duncerblur April 16, at 2: We all know that JH’s hyung and HA’s father was probably the most important person to them. P JK n wife-we will remember you: We should just support him in everything he does dramacrazzy not give him any more pressure on ratings etc etc. I was so surprised episode 10 had a comments!


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This is better than dessert. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! They were killed not when they were being The Royal Couple but when they were just a couple.

Aw, look at him stepping up to be king. I don’t think i’ve cried this much since shining inhertance.

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Although he shuns politics, he is thrown in the midst of a political turmoil with Kim Hang Ah, heafts female North Korean special agent. The King’s Lovers Team. JK you shall be sorely missed!! Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. If it was done in typical Hollywood style with mega explosions, gunfire galore, Expendables break-ins etc, we would not be so devastated by the loss. EP 7 is the beginning of the real charismatic character of JH. Kamsamnida for the link.

Aw man – I was hoping that JaeKang wouldn’t be gone so soon Hopefully she can recover quickly enough.

The King 2 Hearts

She climbs up to the ledge to look at falling stars and makes him sit with her, and tells him to make a wish at a shooting star. But Eun Kyu-tae arrives abruptly with a small army of guards.


I felt drained emotionally and usually I can keep my cool and not be too affected by dramas. O It was totally unexpected and cliche at the same time!

Yoon Je Moon Supporting Cast. The king looks at their deceased father king, and says I am sorry and ask what should be done. This is an excellent project, from the production to the PD, to the story, and to all the cast members.

His last few roles were so well acted I had him down as “flaky character actor. I have a feeling Eun Kyu Tae may be an inadvertent king killer now, but he may yet become the king maker to redeem his guilt, and his son will play a part in that decision. We have to be that much better to her.

Lee Seung Kinv Main Cast. I find it beautiful. And, the music–so very appropriate!! You deal with that one. She asks what he wished for: Or you need ’em streaming links? Made me wonder if that’s how people go when Though that show already blows me away.