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Iljimae wants to show his thanks, but has a limited arsenal of ways in which to express himself, so he does the only thing he can that might prove useful: And have children, too. It is loosely based on a comic book by Ko Woo Yung, but the official rights to the original comic went to MBC, which broadcast its own version of the story in He catches up to the girl at a waterfall, grabs her arm, and demands to know why she ran away like a guilty person. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Yeo Jin Goo Supporting Cast.

He appeals to his superior, but the chief would rather jail someone than no one with his reputation at stake , and takes a hard line with Baek-mae. Kim Min Jong Main Cast. The crewmen all worship the ground she walks on. The PD is doing a skilled job at putting together this story, imo. I really get and love the sense of this pure, simple 16 year old coming out and finding his world for the first time, and then the sudden load of pain he’s being made to feel. When Swe Dol spots him coming home, he chases Yong around the yard, promising retribution. Most dramas use music as a mood-setter, but here, the score is beautiful on its own.

The portrayal of this man by the actor is pretty great, but the character itself, I just don’t get his motivation at all. Yong plunges into sub zero water as episoed ice breaks.

Episode 12 by LollyPip. And then you can get lost in the mockery. Later, a third man joins them in their cell — Wang Hweng-bo, who has been beaten and threatened, but has refused to spill any information.


Thank you so much Sarah. He gives the order to arrest him. Now understanding that thieving may not be a great idea, Iljimae decides to stop stealing — but is then confronted with policemen, who look at him suspiciously and try to grab him. In the pit, he shows a bit of claustrophobia induced by childhood trauma — and calls for his father. That moment — it kills you. I am loving Return of Iljimae right now. Alas, the elements prove too much for him, and he begins falling back down the ice hole.

However, Dal-yi explains that her father is usually silent and stern — her her talkative, sanguine personality is almost like an antidote for his reticence. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I think it will be portrayed with beauty.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play dramavrazy audio clip. Love the song, too. At that pt, i didn’t know who this pretty boy is. As you’ve episdoe, the story episoode in itself is multi-layered telling various stories all wrapped into one, whereby making Illjimae an interesting find. Jung Il Woo Main Cast. Kim Dong Yoon Supporting Cast.

I have been viewing this drama each week as its being published on My Soju or Drama Crazy and what I’ve seen so far, I like.

Yong wakes up in a pit. No Young Hak Supporting Cast.

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This is a blessing for my ancestors. Your email address will not be published. I really enjoy reading your recaps I thought you were gonna stop recapping. Oish, he is really slow. Two thumbs up for your reviews! Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.


Shi Hoo is sent after Shi Wan, where he learns that big bro apparently already went home. Swe Dol realizes that one of the noble eagles was being shifty this afternoon.

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A man whose business is in trouble decides to take advantage of the current disturbance. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Although their early interactions were driven by the forward Dal-yi, Iljimae has grown more comfortable with her by now. Meet episose community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Kim Roe Ha Supporting Cast. The executioner beheads Kang first.

Slowly growing on me. Episodes by LollyPip. Go inspiring theme music. Yeo Jin Goo Supporting Cast. When Iljimae epsiode down his real father, he again rejects Iljimae. So glad you’re still enjoying this one.

TV Iljimae Episode 1. Episode 4 by Eoisode. I really get and love the sense of this pure, simple 16 year old coming out and finding his world for the first time, and then the sudden load of pain he’s being made to feel. Jo Min Ki Supporting Cast. So he knews the guy is definitely alive. Officer Gu questions Iljimae, who asks to be let out to meet his dramaceazy. Kim Kwang Sik Supporting Cast. In passing, his mother and sister are alive!