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I’ll continue to hope for subs for a while! Hyde, Jekyll, Me Korean Drama. The K2 Korean Drama. Ho Goo’s Love Korean Drama. The Last Recipe Japanese Movie. Yeah the crows ova doesn’t have english subs but I watched a bit of it anyways since it’s exactly the same as the manga. Inspiring Generation Korean Drama. I’m torn between watching and understanding only “itadaikimasu” and “baka” look at my knowledge of japanese:

Rurouni Kenshin Japanese Movie. One Warm Word Korean Drama. The guys who plays the boxer in QP might be the worst cast, he’s the skinniest of them all. Karamazov no Kyodai Japanese Drama. Paradise Kiss Japanese Movie. Episode 7 just came out, I’ll be watching it tomorrow. The Con Artists Korean Movie. Cheese in the Trap Korean Drama.

I Will Fly to the Sky on a Wheelchair! The Bridal Mask Korean Drama. The Face Reader Korean Movie.

Beethoven Virus Korean Drama. No Breathing Korean Movie. The Movie Japanese Movie. Heavenly Forest Japanese Movie. Love Shuffle Japanese Drama. Dream High Korean Drama.

Dear Friends Japanese Movie. Joker Game Japanese Movie.

The Incarnation of Money Korean Drama. My Girl Japanese Drama. Love Forecast Korean Movie. Last Cinderella Japanese Drama. Air Doll Japanese Movie.


Love Me Not Korean Movie. Proposal Daisakusen Japanese Drama. Hanzawa Naoki Japanese Drama. The Final Stage Japanese Movie. A Thousand Kisses Korean Drama. Scarlet Heart Ryeo Korean Drama. You have already reported this video.

Uncontrollably Fond Korean Drama. I’m curios about his role in the GTO drama, I’ve yet to watch it.

Drama Queen Reviews: JDrama Review: Gokusen Season 1

It also really pays off when Yankumi appears because you realize how important it is for them to have someone who has faith in epissode. I don’t know if I would like a Worst or Crows drama, I think I would be disappointed in the actors portrayal of the characters and their fighting skill. Hajimari no Uta Japanese Special.

Zettai Kareshi Special Japanese Special. Five Fingers Korean Drama. Sky of Love Japanese Movie. Jealousy Incarnate Korean Drama. Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide Japanese Special. Goddess Of Marriage Korean Drama. Yellow Tears Japanese Movie. Death Note Japanese Drama. I don’t know how a movie about Crows or Worst would work out, I gokueen there are so make arks and so many characters! Waiting in the Dark Japanese Movie. Ace Attorney Japanese Movie.


Wakamono Dramzcrazy Japanese Drama.

Gokusen Episode 7

Playful Kiss Korean Drama. My Sassy Girl Korean Movie. You Are The Best! Big Man Korean Drama. I’m watching other stuff and anyway I prefer having the whole serie before starting to watch so Tomorrow With You Korean Drama.

I’ve watched the raws despite not knowing any japanese, I like it so far. Vramacrazy Korea Korean Drama. Dear Sister Japanese Drama. Flower of the Queen Korean Drama.

Beautiful Gong Shim Korean Drama. Code Blue Japanese Drama. Yeah Ken-san from Crows Zero is also in QP, I don’t know if he plays the same character though, I couldn’t hear them calling him by his name.

Ashita No Joe Japanese Movie. Falling gousen Innocence Korean Drama. Rooftop Prince Korean Drama. Almost Love Korean Movie.