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But I am a little bit disappointed with reaper boy expression when he knew that he was yi soo, I am waiting for the tears!! Show, wae you so myterious? Of course, this is just her nightmare sequence. Why so little kang-ah? I think it could be a number of things 1. Tanks for the recap I’m really loving this episode. She asks her father to please cancel the will, and to please have the surgery.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Yes, that makes sense, and the other would be from Yi-kyung I reckon and not Min-Ho, as I was thinking before. One question, then who you think will cry the 3rd tear? Cindy April 28, at 9: Lee Yo-won confirms double role in “49 days”, “Sign” follow-up. Management company of Lee Yo-won said, “It is true that we have received an invitation, but we’re still working on the script, no official decisions. Even my beloved series seem to trip up a bit at this pt in the narrative.

In a car accident, a woman fell into a coma for 49 days, except in the parents really need someone to cry for her 3 drops of tears If you get three people tell me you are dealing with lives again. I love In Jung piecing things together, especially after she got dumped by Min Ho, which really felt like an honest development in their relationship. Secret Garden was ok… until the 18th episode. He walks away and hides when his mother comes running outside, calling his name.

He must be worried. Song Ee-kyeong Lee Yo-won hinted suicide and surprised the viewers. I shall say no more, and let you be the judge. After she comes back out, Kang heads down to plant her letter back inside her bag, but Ji Kyung sees him touching her stuff since she went back down to grab her cell phone.

She shakes her head at the possibility. That’s what I was asking. If the soul forgets what happened during the 49 days, will we get a Jan Di-Jun Pyo thing in the last 2 episodes where Yi Kyung meets Ji Hyun and tries everything to make her remember? Kang picks it up curiously. But love Kang ah! I have never watched a drama with him in it before I know I could write a list of 49 awesome things about this episode right now but have to sleep to wake up shortly for the royal wedding.


What is going on? Nam Gyuri Shin Ji Hyun. Yuki April 29, at 9: Twisty twist that would be Danielle April 30, at 1: He just watches her with a heavy heart, and then when she runs out of her room calling his name, he hides, unable to face her. Yi Kyung or Ji Hyun? It was supposed to be a dream so she would not remember or not take it as reality 2.

That’s why I got really confused Grumpy, hidden feelings Kang turned Prince charming saves the day Kang? Min Ho waits outside the apartment for Ji Kyung.

Min Ho picks up Ji Kyung for lunch, and he notices her ballet flats drxmacrazy have beads on top. I think given a chance, he could be pretty good. Lee Yo Won in the drama will play, a woman fell into a coma in a car accident Played by Nam Gyu Rishe will play the woman who’s body entered episore the coma woman. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Yes, the drama is deep compared to the other shows I normally watch, but I did like it or else I never would have finished it.

Her chi was all mixed up from having JH inhabit her body so recently. Thanks for the recap!

I just realized that GF mentioned it in her post. While Yi-Kyung and Ji-Hyun are like best buddies already!

That’s what I’m confused about. Alvina April 29, at 8: Can you see it? You will receive a link to create a new password via email. What, with episodd the sassy outfit, outbursts, etc? She goes to see Min-ho, armed with the letters, and pleads with him to check if her hunch is true.


She finds out her dad has agreed to get the surgery, and that Kang had come by multiple times to convince her dad to have surgery. I think she did a good job acting in this drama.

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I mean, she was able to sense JH’s spirit sometimes so maybe it’s all mixed up. Kaya ayoko drajacrazy ng drama na mega complicated, kasi lalo lang sumasakit ulo ko, hehe.

Acting much like a terrorist. I was busy not breathing because of excitement!!!!!

49 Days Episode 14 Recap

The Italian version of this song by a Korean singer is playing in the background as HK holds the bracelet in his hand. I think it is sooo cute. Thanks for being there for the quick and great recaps!!! Have a nice day, Good luck po!!! For me I love this drama, although it is not a happy ending, because every episode are so dys. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Ji Kyung remarks that Ji Hyun is lucky to have a friend like Kang.

I also liked the fact that they showed her as a woman who was capable of true love by standing by Min Ho even after their plans fall apart. Keep in mind, Kang loved JH even if she was this “fluffy, no substance” girl: