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It is one of six languages of the United Nations. As a result, the PGD sent a weak Al-Shorta team, full of unknown faces, the league held its first season in —75 and was originally composed of ten clubs. I would like to stand by the side of Dr. Directed by Ali Abdel-Gayoum. The Sudanese theater movement that started in could not flourish, develop and continue unless three basic requirements, requisites and necessities should be met: Directed by Maki Sinada Aza Troupe.

No one can claim that these fourteen plays include one that was banned before. It was expected that many works, said to have been banned by the former regime that worked towards burying it alive through censorship and supervision on the theater, will see the light and revolutionize the theatrical movement. Iraq was controlled by the Arab Socialist Baath Party from until , after an invasion by the United States and its allies in , Saddam Husseins Baath Party was removed from power and multi-party parliamentary elections were held in Through these clubs emerged theatrical activities of these communities and the representation was done according to different nationalities such Arabic, English, French and others It is a poor theater if compared to international theaters, specifically with what the people call The Italian Box Theater. They played against Shahin and the result was 2—2, they played against Arteshe and the game ended in a 2—1 victory for Al-Minaa and they also played against Khorramshahr and won 3—1, and they faced Sanat Naft Abadan and won that game too.

But, the theater activity in Sudan, since s and till the regularity of its seasons indid not keep pace with systematic writings or methodological studies that enhance its status and contribute to its crystallization Many words of Arabic origin are found in ancient languages like Latin. The top eight teams of the —95 Iraqi National League competed in the tournament. The National Theater, after its specialization to present dramatic theatrical performances, became the arena that inspired the theater movement, workshops and the laboratory which allowed it to try all its instruments and then proceed in the form of regular and consecutive seasons to cover the largest area of its performance in the Capital and the regions.

Directed by Osman Srama Mohmed. The logo of the League of the Institutesthe top division of Iraqi football before the foundation of the Iraqi Premier League.

It was a criticism that tends to discuss the formalities in the artistic work in a manner of self-tendency and the spirit of healing and cynicism and ridicule Directed by Makki Sinada. The situation has changed in the period we are talking about when those who occupy the same functional level were the directors of the national bodies of Radio and Television, Culture and Arts and that the National Theater has become affiliated to the Theater Department in the Secretariat of Arts of the National Authority for Culture and Arts.


Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya won the game 3—1 to become the first Iraqi team to win the domestic quadruple. On its stage stood a number of international stars in the art of theater, singing, music and show that rarely stood in any other theater in the World.

It was also expected that the engagement in political affairs will find its outlet in the theater, but none of that has happened as Omdurman National Theater did not witness, during this period that lasted for four years, more than fourteen new plays as included in the booklet Shayw and Information about the Sudanese Theater prepared by Abdul-Fattah Mohmed Abdul-Fattah.

Bazrgan E37 – Kurdish Drama

The National Theater used to purchase the rights of presentation of texts and pay the rights of directors and actors in accordance with agreed financial regulations. They played against Shahin and the result was 2—2, they played against Arteshe and the game ended in a 2—1 victory for Al-Minaa and they also played against Khorramshahr and won 3—1, and they faced Sanat Naft Abadan and won that game too.

Since it was founded inAl-Karkh were unsuccessful to get promoted to the Iraqi Premier League, for 27 years, they had been languishing in the lower divisions. The institutional work is a form of expression of cooperation between people or so-called cooperative action and tendency to accept collective action and practice it in form, substance, letter and spirit and to perform coordinated work based on specific organizational principles and values Then it was linked with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in but that did not last long since they were separated in Inthe club was dissolved and all its properties as well as its place in the top division were transferred to Al-Karkh SC.

Error please fill up all fields. Also plays were offered to the public free of charge but they were only attended by profession colleagues and their friends and by families of the actors.

Directed by Mohmed Sharif Ali. Directed by Al-Reyah Abdel-Gadir.

Nrt2 kurdish drama

It was supervised by the Sudanese National Theater which financed and managed its first three foundation courses. Kit association football — In association football, kit is the standard equipment and attire worn by players. It is the capital of Kirkuk Governorate, Kirkuk lies in a wide zone with an enormously diverse population and has been multilingual for centuries.

It was a period in which it was expected that the theater movement would recover more than ever before and take new approach considering how the change affects the political life via a new and different impetus to cultural work in general and the theatrical in particular. The dramatic revival of the theater movement has attracted the attention of all levels of society.


It is worth to note that this activity gained special importance as Obeid Abdel — Nour was teaching at this college after returning from a mission in Beirut. The use of white jerseys was instigated by general manager Tex Schramm, the Cowboys still wear white at home today. The use of white jerseys was instigated by general manager Tex Schramm, the Cowboys still wear white at home today 6. As long as complaint has risen from stumbling and scattering in this area and as long as bad texts were presented for one reason or another, which is detrimental to theatrical action, the theatrical activity will suffer from unjustified excuses to present texts that were not worthy of presentation because of their resort to arrogance and tingling of humoristic sensations.

Directed by Mohmed Reda Hussain A play for.

At first, Al-Mansour club took an old building that oversees the Tigris in Al-Karkh and turned it into a basketball court, in the lates, the building started to collapse which was the main reason for the club being banished. Directed by Siddig Salih. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Of the conviction that the establishment of a national theater troupe is the only way to create a serious and prosperous Sudanese theater whenever this troupe receives official consideration and includes full-time artists devoted to theatrical work and directing all their time and energies to it That will be through the determination of their rights and duties decisively in a framework of titles and descriptions of functions that match their true duties and conform to the correct and applicable traditions in the field of drama and theatrical performance.

Al-Talaba Sports Club Arabic: Member feedback about Al-Shorta SC: Al Zawraa Stadium Arabic: It should be noted that this paper rarely referred to the activities of the Egyptian representation society. Member feedback about —19 Iraq FA Cup: The only other restriction on equipment defined in the Laws of the Game is the requirement that a player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player.