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And that would still be okay. Nani approves but Falak gets angry. At one point where you will see the heroine making perfect sense and construing absolutely spot-on arguments — in the following scene, you can well expect her to be relaying a dangerously fundamentalist message and diving headfirst into a religious monologue that probably has little to do with logic and the story. I agree with you about the dialogues we hear during the bathroom scene. Falak confronts Salman and demands to know if he is in love with someone else. It would be ridiculous on all levels to expect this relationship to work smoothly at all. In the original text, the story reads more plainly and the story sees Falak more as a raving lunatic giving religious lessons than a girl with real thoughts and ideas and as someone who begins to understand the lesson of selflessness and humanity through experience and effort. Some of my favorite scenes were when Falak throws the chai ka cup.

But her ideology is confusing. I have critisized her acting in some previous episodes and I stick to my opinion, but this was very good. Can hardly wait for tomorrow! Falak takes this painting to give him and arrives at his house and meets his mother. The Hum network gave its program three Hum Awards , including Best Drama Serial , [4] having nominated it in seven categories. The clues to this are as follows: Nevertheless, Falak and Salman get engaged. I quite liked the bathroom scene the way it was.

Shehr-e-Zaat revolves around a beautiful day-dreamer Falak Sher Afgan Mahira Khan ; an only child to very rich parents.

There is also far too much emphasis on religious people being good and non-religious people being bad. Current broadcasts on Hum TV. Perhaps it was intentional or a deliberate poetic angle to keep him one-dimensional but when the story stretches on for 19 episodes, 40 minutes each, you end up having questions.

It is so so lovely reading you again!! Does he appreciate Falak now?

Sana Maskatiya must be totally upset And now the other tezaab sequence made drzma to me. Excellent connections being made here, just as howzzat rightly said, not a scene wasted… Absolutely Nadia is indeed a cutie patutie you a Rosie fan?!


She seems to be a variant of her mother, who is a beautiful but rich, snobby socialite who wears lots of makeup and designer clothes and is always yelling at her servants. Falak tells her that this is still her home but Episose tells her that Salman would be giving this home to her in a few days.

But then suddenly the allegory turns into a sermon about worship and Umera Ahmed loses audiences like me again. I have to agree with you: Tabinda is feeding Salman food and Falak is simply staring at the two of them. The look in his eyes, His body language, the expression of guilt and discomfort during the dinner zsat was just fantastic.

Shehr-e-Zaat Episode 13 By HUM TV

Totally made me jump and Salman also was like umm wth just happened. They could have been better if they would not have been jumbled up. YOUR reviews are finally back! Hamza is slick and intelligent. Salman- so cruel- pehle dinner and then this rpisode. All she was missing was blue eyeshadow, a tika, and red dupatta.

The faultlines in the original text and the play are similar though, as some of the platitudes become far too preachy for their own good and the end of the play seems hurried and tied together without enough explanation.

Shehr-E-Zaat – Episode 12 Complete (HD) On Hum TV – video dailymotion

Another thing I xaat jarring was the language of the dialogues of the voiceover in the bathroom. And you were spot on in your twitter comments about the Humsafar music playing in the background — such a buzzkill Ashar kahan ho tum?

There is an allegory Falak uses for women, swrial calls them like vines along a wall. The way the story has unfolded has kept everyone enthralled and mystified!

She comes home and gets into an argument with her mother and starts telling her that their materialism is madness and a disease that effects the society. Is Salman really the selfish narcissistic typical chauvinistic male commonly seen in Pakistan and therefore does not deserve the benefit of doubt?


Shehr-e Zaat – Episode 12 Review – Desi Rants N Raves

Noor Ka Maskan Behadd Ek Thi Marium. Finally we see the other girl, Tabinda!

Falak internalizes his put-downs and revisits her reflection in the mirror, the first signs of what happens when you are in a relationship that is emotionally abusive. Loving the blog and the post.

One of these issues were of treating domestic helpers with kindness and seril. Wow SZ where did you order from?

Fortunately for Umera, Mahira possessed a certain finesse and charm that stopped that scene from becoming a complete cringe-fest. Which outfit did you order?? Why does Nani dismiss it as something trivial?

Yes I loved seeing Falak Angry!! Learn how your comment data is processed. Retrieved 21 February JK Rowling gave away over m pounds and lost her billionaire status because of giving charity. Falak is charming and funny.

The first four episodes set the tone loud and clear. True love should withstand all sorts of crisis. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Nadia Afghan just had one scene but wow she continues to charm episoxe Tabinda. You know that self-respect Hamza was talking about in the first few episodes? Would he have taken her back if she had gone and had an affair behind his d Ahmad often forgets the difference and thence her female protagonists, especially, seem to be in as much conflict as she herself.