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A few months later, when we met up for lunch, Colin handed me a parcel. The other big event of was Megan turning I had problems with my own health also. I’ve learned to appreciate the good times, learn from the negatives and enjoy every minute of my daughter growing up. Frustrated at once again no movement for victims, I also called for a cross-border inquiry with compellability powers to deal with the legacy issue. Even now, almost a year later, I’m in tears as I write this. Topical and political cartoons from Belfast Telegraph. But, bit by bit, day by day, pat by pat, he grew to trust us, and in trusting us he grew to love us.

Frances Burscough is turned into Marilyn Monroe by her friend Colin Irwin, who passed away this year. Cheeky lingerie shoot at Belfast bar. He was a gorgeous, wonderfully bonkers presence in our house, with a tail capable of sending tables and laptops flying when he was in a particularly happy mood. We were almost exactly the same age born within a week of each other and we both trained in England in fashion design in the s – he at the highly prestigious Kingston College in London, where he won awards and accolades for his brilliantly detailed couture. Outraged Shinners were afterwards aghast at the profanity, until I pointed out that their vice-president had also used that very phrase in the Dail towards a member of the government. What goes up, must come down, and after the Senate, a viral infection and anaemia, coupled with life events, led to a bad bout of post-traumatic stress disorder and nervous exhaustion.

I’ll observe them and continue to monitor them as part of a changing landscape, but they aren’t really fixed in my mind as something belfasf important to me as just an ordinary person. I began queena making replica birds, pets and wild animals with beads for eyes and embroidery threads for added colour and texture. My favourite was a piece about Stephen Nolan’s hilarious mum, Big Audrey, who continues to entertain us by keeping it real. Me and my health: He wasn’t a celebrity, but he should have been.

My first stop was Drama Queenz costume hire shop on Rosemary Street, which, I’d been assured, was the best sueenz bar none for fancy dress – not least because its proprietor was an award-winning fashion designer in his own right: Notable highlights were the bouts in the Irish Senate in the early stages of This was also the year that Mary Lou McDonald referred to Adams as an “international sex symbol” and ‘Slab’ Murphy as a “typical rural man”.


Being invited to the White House was exciting; missing the flight there, not so. Colin and I hit it off from the word go. He seemed to live in constant fear of being beaten. I dramx his face in tears.

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Buy a selection of sequins, feathers, shiny material, decorations and craft glue from and come up a totally original and individual mask. Lighting up hospitality in East Belfast September 17, They have a selection of blank eye and half masks in black and white that can form the base of your own creation.

If we raised a hand in what we thought was a welcome gesture, he would cower on the floor and wet himself. I look forward to the Criminal Justice Inspectorate review findings in the coming year, which will assess whether these are working for abuse victims. Another annus horribilis moment came when I lost my good friend, Olive Buckley, to pancreatic cancer. What goes up, must come down, drana after the Drzma, a viral infection and anaemia, coupled with life events, led to a bad bout of post-traumatic stress disorder and nervous exhaustion.

I’m proud of the fact that the Sexual Offences Bill passed the report stage while I was there and I was able to vote and put my support for it on the record. A close relative had to be resuscitated and part of the year was spent almost living in the hospital. Check it out soon as many of his costumes get booked up early. Check out their online store www.

Enda and I shared a favourite moment, when Gerry Adams put his foot in his mouth in a live TV debate draam asking: It was the best of years, it was the worst of years.

This, of course, was also the year David Bowie and Leonard Cohen died. And that’s not the only measure of Derry Girls’ mighty success.


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While everyone can feel like they need a good stretch befast thing in the morning, for people living with arthritis, waking up with joints that have stiffened overnight can be a big problem.

Like all of his friends and family, I was utterly devastated to hear that there was no cure and we were going to lose him so quickly.

A few months later, when we met up for lunch, Colin handed me a parcel. I met Colin five years ago when the Belfast Telegraph sent me on a crazy mission – to dress up and act as Marilyn Monroe for a day around Belfast like you dowhile a photographer captured the public’s reaction.

Colin was more than happy to kit me out as Marilyn Monroe, because it so happened she was his ultimate screen idol. But I will always remember January 1,as the day my dog, Bo, died.

It was clear he had had a massive stroke and was beyond help and out of pain. They dropped their indignation like a hot potato, while I made a mental note to moderate my language. Daily News Headlines Newsletter Today’s news headlines, directly to your inbox. Colin in Drama Queenz does an amazing job making many of the fabulous costumes in his Ormeau Road store.

Bowie provided the soundtrack for both my O and A-level revision, and listening to him still brings back the sight of a table piled with notes, wine draa and Wagon Wheels the size dama bin lids.

As someone who loves sparring, I was able to raise, argue on, or legislate for a wide range of topics, including abuse and domestic violence, abortion, heritage, legacy issues and even Ireland’s harbours. He was a rescue dog about a year old who had been bullied at his previous home, and he took enormous effort and patience in his first year with us.