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Male lead falls very hard and loves female lead a lot? Editorials – Aug 31, Also, a list of the most gorgeous Korean actresses based on MDLer votes! Drama Special Season 3: At the end of the film, women of Joseon are seen wearing Gong-jin’s bell-shaped, merrily colored hanboks. Doctors add Korean Drama, , 20 eps Dr. Min Yeong Main Role.

Shin Sae Ryung Support Role. February 18, Age: Three Meals a Day: Top Actors Add New Person. Find out which character you represent the most by taking the quiz! He subsequently becomes a tailor at the Sanguiwon and begins a prosperous career.

More than 1, hanbok appear in the film, drzma actress Park Shin-hye wearing 30 intricately embroidered pieces. February 18, Age: Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Park Shin Hye Native name: Before one of his works is shown, the scene changes to the kingdom of Joseonwhere a different story is told: Soon Dol-seok becomes jealous of the young designer’s talent, whose creativeness he cannot rival with his use of the traditional shapes.

Costume designer Jo Sang-gyeong shkn she was inspired by the clothing during King Yeongjo ‘s reign —which according to historical records was when a short jeogorithe jacket that sits on top of the dress, and jar-shaped skirts started to become fashionable.


Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. Retrieved from ” https: Editorials – Jul 10, Retrieved 17 January He insists that to do so would be against court customs, but also simply impossible in the short time before the robe is needed. Editorials – Sep 4, Views Read Edit View history. Editorials – Mar 24, Go Dok Mi Main Role.

The King then tries to lay the blame on the Queen for inciting the young tailor, but Gong-jin saves the Queen by claiming he acted on his own motives. Retrieved 27 December Miss Park Guest Role.

Only when Gong-jin is dead, not only the queen, but eventually also Dol-seok silently mourn his death. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. Drama Special Season 3: Top Actors Add New Person. He repeatedly uses his craft to support the Queen, who is at risk of being dethroned and replaced because she and the King – who never visits her tebaru have no children. The film starts with a modern-day press conference, in which Jo Dol-seok is introduced as the only royal tailor, who single-handedly revolutionized the fashion of Korea’s Joseon dynasty.

He fears his own position will be undermined. He invented the bell-shaped design of hanboks and introduced new colors.

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Retrieved 15 December Korean Film Biz Zone. Gong-jin falls in love with the Queen at first sight and uses his extraordinary gift as a tailor to save the dress. Lee Soo Hyeon Support Role. Ha Na Main Role.


Shin Hye Family Name: Anxious to cover her mistake, the Queen looks for a designer elsewhere. Retrieved 29 November You’re so into a drama and suddenly, one or more of the characters does this in a scene and that just makes you lose your focus in the drama.

High Kick Through the Roof! He subsequently becomes a tailor at the Sanguiwon and begins a prosperous career. Win a Japanese Snack tetbaru today!

Park Shin Hye

A questionnaire for Kdrama lovers 55 minutes ago. Go Mi Nyeo Ep.

Choi Hee Jung Main Role. Editorials – Sep 14, Also, a list of the most gorgeous Frama actresses based on MDLer votes! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Yoo Hye Jung Main Role.