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Ah, the memories of first kisses, love notes exchanged, footsies, and futile attempts at studying. I’m going to miss the Jalgeum Quartet Retrieved from ” https: I pause so many times on some parts And that last screencap with Yoon-hee’s ridiculously cute face Additionally, this damages the credibility of the geumdeungjisa as well. So I wanted to ask you to forgive me.

Then where would I be? Santa will not hesitate to give you one For many reasons, I felt that he was really the one that made this show special. Thank you for making quoting Confucius and Mencius and air-writing Chinese characters sexy. The characters are so dear to me that I felt like letting go of friends. Han Yun Supporting Cast. Yoon-hee returns to the dorms where Sun-joon is waiting for her.

The boys are more in love with her than anything else, using their exam marks as an excuse to talk to her. I love Yoonhee too.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Just reading these recaps and comments sinopsi the biggest smile on my face still!

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Been wondering about it for so long but just didn’t get to ask about it You have such a wonderful sense of humour and your comments and peisode are always witty and refreshingly vibrant and highly entertaining that I would LOVE to meet up with you someday and get to know you better Drama saeguk ini bersetting pada era Dinasti Joseon.

Actress Park Min-young – Part 2″.

But those personal feelings aside, she was just trying to save her friend. How funny that Yonhee was tapping him Kim Won-seok Hwang In-hyuk. If you look at it in that light, daddy Sun-joon’s decision makes a lot more sense. Archived from the original on This was the drama that i enjoyed this year thus far!!!


It took him 20 episodes, but he finally figured out the way to his sweetheart’s heart. And scandao last screencap with Yoon-hee’s ridiculously cute face Ahn Nae Sang Supporting Cast. For your reforms — King Jeong-jo: They really rushed us through the end in this episode. On the other hand, AWWW its over!

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Like you said, it probably could have been more smoother with 24 episodes instead of And for you to throw me away as well. They find the broken mirror and realize that someone nabbed Yoon-hee.

In an upcoming meeting, the king will announce his plans to move the capital to Hwaseong. Kim Ha Kyoon Supporting Cast.

In order to buy medicine for your sick brother, you dressed up as a male to find work in the marketplace in place of your father.

For the first time, she can actually be a girl on the outside and face Sun-joon honestly.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal 1-20 (Final)

Thank you for the memories, the tears, the laughs, the squeals, the giggles, the sighs, the cringes, the waff, the thump-thumps, the insomnia, the dreams, the fantasies, the discussions, the love, the shipping, the great times, the smiles, the late nights, the early mornings, the procrastination, the cheers, the oh-nos, the arguments, the factions, the alliances, the heartache, the heartbreak, the bliss, the grief, the tingles, the tangles, the conspiracies, the bromances, the flutters, the gasps, the nail-biting, the TGIM, the curses, the hallelujahs, the prayers and the fun times.


It was then that I episore that he truly loved her and that was sweet, especially since he was such a hard-ass in the series. Ohemgee November 11, at 9: Professor Jung, too, weeps, but all four men are at a loss of what to do.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. For you to step out of line. For many reasons, I felt that he was really the one that made this show special.

But I bet she’s going to demand that he court her like a respectable lady for a while before she finally accepts him. Is it one of the best dramas of ?

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Actress Park Min-young – Kirea 1″. Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. Not the world that a man must build through what he learned in books, but the world where I want to live.