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And why don’t we know more about the state of Seol Ok’s marriage? Because there are so many questions left. Love the weird combination of ajumma amateur profiler, hotblooded detective, officer Hong the newbie, side dish store owner, Ahn Gil-kang, [sometimes] police officers from the neighborhood and minimarket ajumma I enjoyed the drama more as the episodes went on. Season 2 with the same casts, please! Episodes by LollyPip. KM and Captain Bae are too cute. We don’t even know what he is involved, and how much he knows of the incident that involved SO’s parents.

The ending is a WTF? Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Kip May 29, at I was dying to know what happened in the past throughout the drama so that the last episodes were actually a let down for me. There was even the dead gf who was revealed at the end to be not dead and actively involved in the conspiracy. As Seol-ok is on the phone, Wan-seung drives by in his fancy car, and both miss seeing each other by just a bit. It’s aggravating that the show spent so much time on emotional relationships at the expense of mysteries throughout the show, and then at the end, they just kind of dropped the ball on showing the outcomes for those relationships.

Also, I was glad that Seol-ok separated from Ho-chul at least temporarilywhile still managing to maintain a good relationship with Kyung-suk, but it seemed a little unfair that Ho-chul got so little flack for his part in the cover-up.

My feelings are pretty mixed on the ending, given the recent news that housedives producers are planning for a second season of Mystery Queen.

Without Season 2 my 16 hour investment is of no use!

Seol-ok had then complained about Wan-seung meeting up with Queeen so often, and Wan-seung had teased her for being jealous. The secretary notes that Wan-seung did buy a few expensive brand-name watches while he was in the U.


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It’s aggravating that the show spent so much time on emotional relationships at the expense tetakhir mysteries throughout the show, drxma then at the end, they just kind of dropped the ball on showing the outcomes for those relationships. It has a bit to do with current Korean politics, so it depends on when the writers made the scripts, but I think it might fit well. Choi Gang-Hee was born to play that role. Those are just some of the questions that I have.

But then she would “demand”, in the most low energy way, that she gets Ha and Jung. Detective Go tells him that he buried Hyun-soo with his own hands, and Wan-seung rejects the notion, recalling that he had carried Hyun-soo to the hospital himself.

Its a mystery drama so we don’t always need the big, neat bowtie on everything. My hope was a bit shatter when ppl comment that it might not happen due to the average ratings and season 2 is the hoousewives excuse for aueen viewer tedakhir about the ending.

I think the writer never intends to finish the story – all cases in the series are quite long but they are fun, the last case with the ahjummas however is a bit dull and filler-ish.

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Even if they are angling for a second season, I want some form of closure! Houseeives think the writers were implying that this had happened off-screen which is very annoying, because OMG this is a big emotional payoff for Seol-ok’s character. I felt it was so unnecessary. I wish we’d gotten more closure for that.

It’s all about ratings for the broadcast stations. I don’t know how you guys are doing, but I am telling myself:. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. When Joon-oh walks into the meeting room, Wan-seung snaps at him for being late, but Joon-oh retorts that he was the first to come, but that he just went to the bathroom for a bit.


I have an idea about the people behind Mr. In the ambulance, Wan-seung begs an unconscious Seol-ok to have strength, as he himself is on the verge of tears. They know that Lawyer Jung has fallen for it, given that they bugged his phone and heard his report to Chief Kim. Absolutely love the role reversal!! I’m okay with MQ not getting a second season. It became such an intimate way of calling hershe is ajumma just for him.

And why does she want Ha and Jung?

I think it was what she thought SIL wanted, more than just to hide the fact she want sleuthing, to keep quiet because it was also embarrassing for the SIL, but still. The music was great.

What I remember from this show will not be the mystery nor the plot holes, but the witty banters and warm relationships between the OTP and other characters Then I read the blog about possible season 2, I was over the moon. What was the information that she knew that caused these people to go after her? I liked the pacing of the final episodes, too. Why did she leave her husband? That she met a grumpypants detective, and they end up changing kroea other for the better – they did.