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That was how he first learnt how to write fiction, because there was no school in my place at the time that taught writing or offered writing courses like the way we have now. He try to schedule 20 – 30 book signings a year, teach creative writing classes a few times a year and give presentations to schools and clubs as often as possible. He was talking about ideas transferred into a book, in writing, because when he first read the library books, he got the impression that if someone has talent, is able to write and the writing is published, then it would be an immense contribution to others and that contribution might possibly last for a long time, depending on its quality and its exposure to society. This respond had demonstrated that Mr. Jais further elaborated how creativity comes while his writing. Jais elaborate how and when did he become a writer. In the same year, he also publishes another book on Bahasa Malaysia. Motivated by his Bahasa Melayu teacher announced that they had to read four books that year.

Another interesting experience that Mr. Has vast reading in the Malay Literature act as a strong foundation for him to published one of the best references for the Form Five students to do their revision in Malay Literature. Jais shows his sweet smile ever when he talk on how a writer could contribute to intellectual development of the society through his writing. In , became memorable events for the Education Department when Mr. The interview ended with this invaluable advice for the new writers and new generation who intended to share their thought with the Malaysian society and the nation on a broader context. He try to schedule 20 – 30 book signings a year, teach creative writing classes a few times a year and give presentations to schools and clubs as often as possible.

They are the first thing and maybe the only thing an editor will look at.

As a scholar himself, Mr. Tingkaran Interview with Jais Sahok: Jais said that he managed to win lots of other prizes in short story writing competition. As it is he has them at mall bookstores all over the place at least once a week, almost every week, from May until November.


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He said that there are many major challenges that most writers face. From watching them, it enables a writer to see how people move around. He has been serving in the teaching profession for the last 29 years. Being a teacher Mr. Jais share is when as whether his writing ever experience rejection especially when writing article for newspapers or magazine.

However, he forgets who said it. But he wouldn’t do it, if he didn’t love it. Jais to publish more books, short stories, poems and academic article until the present date. I asked with a million thoughts running through my head wondering what had inspired his writing throughout the many years. Before he knew what was happening to me, he started to buy books in stores and reading at least a book a month especially when he was in the secondary school.

In the interview Mr. When he was in the school, he wrote a short story draka school magazine. To the present date Mr.

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Always wondering if his story is good enough, if his writing is good enough that means that he could share my thought with the society and to develop their thinking. He wonders if the publisher didn’t hemodialsiis open his submission, attach a Form Letter, and return it to him without so much as reading a word.

He writes until about 9: Then once he sell a work and it is published hemofialisis worry that no one is going to buy the books, read them, like them. Jais further elaborated on his reading habit during his childhood by saying that it was rather spontaneous. The level of a writer who writes for money and popularity would certainly be different from one who is aware of the komsaas issues that should be woven into his work.

Their body language, facial expression tells you something; every person you see has a different story to tell.


He mentioned that there is an old saying. Jais Sahok was not only contributing in the Malay Literature.

Therefore he loved to read widely. This had made him an avid reader in the school. Despite his excellence performance as an education officer, Mr.

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A very positive thought he had is that something, anything that makes it more than a just a Form Letter Rejection he consider it as inspiring. One of most prestigious award was inaugurated to Mr. Through reading, he learnt on his own how fiction writers set the narratives in motion, introduce the characters, begin and put the plot into action; also, he began to scrutinise the narrative style, the language used and so on. He shared that it was enough to wallpaper his entire house, monthly.

He mentioned that his lecturers introduced him to a number of terminologies and tips for good writing. In the following yearMr.

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He began his teaching career in as an Academic Teacher. He said that habits of reading had expanded his thought and mind in writing. Asked about the challenges he faced as a writer, Mr. Jais shared an interesting respond.

The forms of creativity he has drawn to have changed based on the scenario. It is one of the reference books used for remedial classes in handling weak Malaysian students. Jais had successfully addressing various interesting academic and social issues related our daily lives which he had expressed through his academic article, short stories, poems and novels. Jais was very optimistic that errors had made him to be more matured as years goes by.