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Her voice modulation showed she have really screamed alot… Outstanding… Pata nahin Ahsan miyaan ke dimag me kya khunas bhara he… But i must say BQ act so good.. She has done more than justice to the role, that a few episodes in, im loving this new Hina. Surma laga lain, nazar na slack jaye. Its not about what he says its how he says it. Forgiven and forgotten are all irritations and annoyances and I am glued! Im intriguied to know more about Farukh.. Btw yes im surprised too… no rants so far from me..

Notify me of new comments via email. All this to say that Hina Bayat is fantastic here. Learn how your comment data is processed. Just tuned into this drama recently after having seen you mention it on your site. She too wanted asasaishen and return back of her efforts.. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

Kaash utna hi time acting ko bhi diya hota…. I was about to cry too.

Ger Maan Reh Jaye Episode 24 Full Drama on Express Entertainment January 26, 2015

Khursheed Begum comprehends what she needs and something lets me know she gets it as well. A man clashed between his obligation to family and the true weights of putting sustenance on the eplsode. Alot of rona dhona that I have to forward at times, but like I said, im still watching.

If only we knew what goes on in that little brain of his. All this to say that Hina Bayat is fantastic here. Seeing him as Farrukh the police-wala without a doubt adds to the claim. I look forward to all of her scenes, and I was laughing yesterday, because as much as I should hate this epsode, I think I have a soft corner for her. Bilal is good, but his rreh is annoying! B for Brillant review, as always!


The way she was clinging mqan to the jahez lorry. Us ko a isa ghumaya ke woh bechara abhi tak ghoom raha hai! Androon shehar karachi, khanay ko hai nahi, lekin curls tiss se miss nahi hote.

Still I was like sab ignore karo but koi thanda paani laa de please. Noor Hassan on the other gatr is very impressive as the controlled Farrukh.

Yaar, what to do! I do hope though that there is more than one note to this character. Kamal ki namooni aulad mili hai Khursheeda Begum aap ko!.

Man I thought 26 episodes was going to be a lot, and yet theres still eposode to come, wow! Nissa is annoying, her father even more so. I had my all sympathies for her.

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And we are not wrong in our complaints. Love the scene between her and ahsan eoisode the way she said thanda paani kaise pyoongi and meri bahu kitni khidmat karti thi. She too wanted asasaishen and return back of her efforts. All things considered, I admit, seeing arbitrary catches of Hyderabad on noorohassan, had me going: Ahsan sure creeps me out big time!

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Laga abb giri ke tabb. Every guzarta episode had me wondering: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Email required Address never made public. Array FA bachi — tu ne to Khursheeda ka dil itna barha diya keh phatt ker seenay se baahir na aa jaaye!! Among the three girls, Manal Khan is the most natural in her character. I was skeptical at first as well, but like you I was looking forward to Nadeem and Hina, and I like Noor and Kiran as well. Together Mohsin and Luqman are an incredible team and every moment of GMRJ has become memorable thanks to their boundless energy and immense affection.


Maan rakh lena, please! For all I know 27th may be the last one. So all in all, I am enjoying this drama.

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All things considered, two extremely immaculate reason. Im intriguied to know more about Farukh. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Ahsan gives me the heebie jeebies. HB is amazing and I have reu say Bilal Qureshi, the actor playing her son is very good as well!