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Join the best dressed alien hunter in all of space and time as he embarks on an adventure that ends at the edge of the universe! Help improve our database by adding background information here. Hebi Onna Hajimemashita Genre: He may or may not be the culprit. Once upon a time, a girl married the son of the emperor of heaven but something went wrong? A manga by Tanaka Suzuki Cast: Suteneko no Ie by Inoue Nawo -probs in England.

Manga is the Japanese equivalent of comics with a unique style and following. Yes, kissing in school, or having sex, or any such disturbance of morals are unforgivable and deserves severe punishment All of this changes as she encounters her classmate Yoshino “Koha” Koharu. Drama, Josei, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Smut Saya has undertaken plastic surgery, and now is popular with men, however, she seems to be unsatisfied with herself. When a boy she doesn’t know confesses to her, Yoshinaga finds herself the victim of bullying at the hands of his girlfriend and her female classmates. Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki; Enigma;. Kakou Sekai o Tadoru Monogatari Genre:

I’m okay if it’s just a change kanaatsu appearance with no changes to the story. If you have too much trouble with it, CD Japan has the set here but the price is much higher than on Toranoana. The bizarre case of a missing doctor and his supernaturally pregnant wife captures the imagination of novelist Sekiguchi Tatsumi, so he enlists the help of an old friend, Chuuzenji Akihiko, a bookstore owner and part-time onmyouji who begrudgingly agrees to help investigate the disappearance.


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The first one is based on the Little Mermaid. Le did the do in the school gymnasium. Katakoi Unrequited Love 5.

It’s a provisional resurrection, however, and it comes at a price: He is kansatsi captivated by Lilina as she doesn’t see him as a robot, but suddenly someone who targets the both of them appears? Complex Love by Chidori Peko -one shot. Directing feelings into fiction. I ain’t scared of the blaze, don’t rescue me. Special mention because damn what a masterpiece. Sugar Dark by Koiwazurai Shibito -love triangle.

Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [12/16/2017]

My new favorite couple. Hired by a busy married couple to do odd jobs at their home and office, Nabeshima sets his sights on stealing the wife away from her volatile husband.

Kojirase Cherry hikki Kitano Megumi -one shot. What will happen when these various feelings are made to intertwine into a closed-off world? Adult, Harem, Hentai Did in a friggin carriage. Action, Comedy, Mystery, Shoujo, Supernatural Newly-instated detective Ishida Tomohiro returns home one day to find a naked man in cd+mxnga house.

Instead, he ends up confining Jin! Just because I forgot my sunscreen that day Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki Pairing: Can he make the most of this second chance at life he’s been given? Will a pair of nurses prove to be too much for a young guy to resist?

Moreover, Lilina also has a secret of her own? SM play at some point.


Kigurumi Planet by Mamahara Ellie -shounen ai. Love Monster by Mio Junta -Nice art style.

Mazu wa, Hitokuchi by Moto Haruhira -flying pigs. I got the biggest sunburn in my history, really. Inu mo Kuwanai by Psyche Delico -one shot. Oboreru Kansatzu by Ogawa Chise -one shot.

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Lots of deep stuff. Momihami by Sakira -one shot.

Ichitaro has nothing to do, but accept the reality, especially since he was recently confessed to by a classmate and was ready to enter his period of popularity among girls. A series of interconnected vignettes depicting how something as ordinary as rain can alter the course of people’s lives.

Only a handful of restaurants have the honor of being awarded a Michelin Star. Endou-kun endou-,un Kansatsu Nikki, Chapter 2 [Yaoi].

Yaoi lovers: Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki

It was so sweet and pure ha a bit too pure but. Listening to drama CD Continues the story from chapter 7. Doutei Kyoushi no Fumajime na Nichijou Genre: Puppies Rescued Noo Gorge Forest.

You can sort them by the date they were reported to us, the rating, or based on how active the series was over the past month. Endou-kun No Kansetsu Nikki Author: