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One day Saba gets through to Irtiza and tells him to come early from work as she feels extremely lonely here all alone, Irtiza softens up and tells her that he will be back by 5pm. Whilst she enjoys the company of her sister, she again feels very helpless, as her feelings for Irtiza do not die. It is also established that Irtiza also cares a lot for Saba, and both have a very close bond. Saba’s Grandmother who is aware of the situation tells Saba to calm down but in vain! Saba curses Saman and says that Saman should have died in that plane accident with the parents who adopted her, and she can still die! Saman closely observes Saba enjoying and dancing in the rain, and suddenly it hits her that even Irtiza loves the rain a lot! Irtiza’s concern for Saba starts growing and he decides to take matters in his own hands, one day he goes to America for a business trip and goes to meet the husband there, where he sees him with his wife and children!

Both Saman and Saba start sharing a very close sisterly bond. He gets angry and leaves, leaving Saba upset and anxious about hurting Irtiza! Hum Awards Hum Films List of programs. Hearing this Irtiza gets very angry and tells Saba’s father off for even paying heed to such a proposal! She cries her heart out and blames Irtiza for always taking so much care of her! Irtiza’s concern for Saba and his friendliness does not help her helplessness either. He further says that she needs to stop being ashamed of loving him, because no matter how much the try their love for each other can never die! Irtiza soon realises that Saba is angry with him due to the proposal, Irtiza talks with Saba and reasons with her!

Retrieved 20 July Retrieved 22 September Everyone tries to get her out of the depression but in vain! Later they are shown to live happily ever after! After the divorce Saba gets even more depressed! Loug Kiya Kahenge Sanwari.


The next day it is Maaz’s birthday, and Irtiza, Saman and Saba go out to the mall to shop for Maaz’s birthday party. To the extent of nearly fainting, Irtiza observes episdoe and helps her!

Bin Roye Episode 1 NEW Drama 2016 in HD

Soon after Saba gets a proposal for marriage. I am here with you! Soon Saba gets another proposal from a divorcee who is 20 years older than her and has 2 kids! Bin Roye Ansoo by Farhat Ishtiaq. In Julyafter the release of film, [9] [10] the drama serial went into production with same cast and crew, with Haissam Hussain replacing Momina Duraid as a co-director with Shahzad Kashmiri. Saba stays back in Pakistan, and Irtiza starts getting concerned about why Saba is not going to America, and why is her rohe taking so much time.

Retrieved 1 October Saba starts confessing everything! Saba is absolutely furious on learning that Irtiza has proposed marriage and gets extremely angry, she goes up to Irtiza and tells him off! Thinking this Saman feels quite guilty! Irtiza gets angry hearing this!

Upon landing in America and in the house where Saman and Irtiza used to live, Saba starts to feel very disturbed! Views Read Edit View history.

Irtiza is upset hearing this and tells her that he has always wanted the best for her, so how can she think about him like this? This fact brings Saba and Saman closer to each other. Saba’s parents are upset watching their daughter’s condition.

episkde From the very first episode it is established that Saba is madly in love with Irtiza, who she has grown up with. Bin Roye looks like a film but feels like a drama”. Irtiza goes back to Pakistan and tells the family about Saba’s husband ‘s second wife and children!

Soon after when Saba wakes up, Irtiza tells Saba that he has always cared for her, because he has always loved her! This behaviour of Saba makes Irtiza upset, for which later Saba also apologises! Irtiza soon realises that Aansko is angry with him due to the proposal, Irtiza talks with Saba and reasons with her!


He also states that he cannot see Saba ruining her life anymore! Saba and irtiza enter back home! Of course, Bin Roye was just 1 hour and 58 minutes, so you will get to see a lot more intricacies in this. After the incident Saba tries hard to communicate with Irtiza, but in vain! Bin Roye was originally scheduled to release between April—July[11] but latter it was announced that it dramq be released after Eid-ul-Adha.

Saba walks up to leave, but Irtiza stops her by holding her arm, Saba gets furious and starts shouting at Irtiza!

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Farhat Ishtiaq wrote the screenplay for series, changing several plot details in contrast to film. Saba tries to protest but in vain!

She cries and questions him! Irtiza and Saman decide to call Saba to America. Retrieved 28 May It is the story of Saba and the struggles she faces due to being in love with her best friend and cousin Irtiza. Both Saba and Irtiza go to America. Saba is completely broken but develops a very strong bond with Maaz.

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He gets angry and leaves, leaving Saba upset and anxious about hurting Irtiza! Saba gets extremely bitter with Irtiza, and tells him that she is no longer friends with him and to leave her alone! Irtiza and Saba call the ambulance. Saba is the same, I mean, the variation you aajsoo see is that you will see a lot more shades to her.