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Aunn’s friend Manzar loves Zara’s friend Shehna. The shows ended its run in India on 12 July This article needs additional citations for verification. Maya still has a ways to go, but she was good as the chirpy Zara. You are commenting using your WordPress. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aunn, this Anokah Ladla was just out of this world!! Retrieved July 11,

I was thinking the same thing! As a result, they go to Zara’s home with marriage proposal. Aunn invites her to a restaurant to send about Manzar’s proposal. Poles apart yet so similar.. In my opinion the only good thing about this serial was Dadi of Aunn. The series was good, extremely humorous, but it could given a more distinct moral at the end through the culprits suffering and ultimately the victory of the truthful and pure. He is one of the few directors who have the ability to make us laugh in one scene, cry in the next and think romance in the third without blinking an eye. Zara sees them together and asks Nighat about it.

This drama was so simple in its own way. The final episode was deeply satisfying with all the loose ends nicely tied up, even Manzar and Shehna got back together. I wish we can meet and have fun ,though I am not young like you.

Naturally Delicious Nirmala’s Spice World. They should get the next years best couple award! Zara is the only woman in her family with father and paternal grandfather. Retrieved July 31, Dadi and Nighat oppose this, but Husna convinces them to let Aunn go. I wanna watch more episodes Pls make a sequel Auunn.

All in all, Aunn Zara was a great ride, one that I enjoyed a lot! I found her same in every drama. He should have suffered more at the hands of his mother, grandma and mostly his conscious. I cried with hudna when Aunn stood up to his father, a real tear jerker moment for me! This article needs additional citations draama verification.


Aunn Zara: Episode 19 Finale | DRAMA PAKISTANI®

I say relatively because they still have a long way to go before either could be termed as mature. Views Read Edit View history.

The whole AZ team seems so familiar that I am going to miss them every Thursday. He even offers to work two spisode to support his wife and child rather than rely on his in laws. The Direction was perfect, so thank you Haissam Hussain.

Aunn apologizes to Zara. It might come as a surprise to those in charge, but yes, there are those of us who do not enjoy long-winded lectures on ethics and morality, and neither do we enjoy crass and crude slapstick being passed off as humor.

The family thinks he wants to marry Zara. Similarly, Aunn telling off his father might have looked heroic in the moment, but seriously, did this man-boy really think he could support his entire tabbar? Aunn expresses his wish to marry thinking this will give him some space from his over indulgent family.

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Aunn Zara ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review

Aunn was the tall, handsome but very flawed character and Zara was the beautifulslightly naive leading lady. I was thinking the same thing!

Hoping to see dramq good things coming our way! At times i just couldnt stop laughing even after episore episode ended… And re-reading reviews makes it more fun.

Zara sees them together and asks Nighat about it. But enough of fights, jealousy, extramarital affairs!!!! Subscribe to receive new post. A mother spends a life time of love and sacrifice waiting for that moment of fruition when she sees her child do the right thing without any prompting. I have to be grateful to her for actually concentrating on her role and not using inappropriate makeup or strangely colorful clothes to distract from the scene at hand.


Aunn uann to Zara of his role in creating a rift between her and his family. Epksode of the shots episove Lahore were done so well. Aunn’s family gets excited, but they fear that Zara might want to keep them away from the baby.

The one track that held my attention in the latter part of the serial, as the Aunn Zara track became predictable and got of stuck in a rut, was that of aansa Nighat Parveen and Daday Jamshed.

One of the highly refreshing and hilarious drama… I still carve to see Dadi and her one liners. Aunn’s friend Manzar loves Zara’s friend Shehna. Find us on Facebook. Soon a rift are created between Zara and Aunn’s family, as result of which Aunn and Zara shift to another house. Sonia, What a brilliant idea! The transition back to the perfect whole family seems hasty.

Aunn decides to take Zara out to see a movie. Story involves around lives of Aunn and Zara. In short, all we want are stories of real people, not perfect heroes and evil villains, and Episide Zara is a perfect example of such a story. I erama alot of people are requesting for a season 2. Ok so I am a big old softy and ended up crying.

Yea take ur time as nothing such good going on now a days.