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It caused the event in MechQuest Links: Fluffy sacrifices itself to defeat the Super Mega Ultra Doom Dracolich, and everything ends or has it? Xan invade and nearly destroyed the town and finish of Elite Knights with 1 single spell. Ghostbear5 Resolute ‘s credits quote: Yulgar tell you that the town of Ashenvlae was attacked by Drakonnan. She was mad that you have slain Akriloth, which cause an imbalance in elemental power, which is putting fire beings in peril. Collision Course -New quest:

Meanwhile, another Dragon box, the White Dragon Box, contains and egg when hatched, will became the savior of Lore. BattleOn Portal site released. Sepulchure is furious and cut Dave into half and tell you to head back to Popsrocket to get ready for war. FalconsNest south from Falconreach -Finale of Frostval So, why candy business? DF’s first egg hunt! You reach the Necropolis but do not see Vayle. DragonRider customisation upgraded with new heads, wings, tails and lots of new colors.

Wargoth has controlled Fiamme, the Elemental Avatar of Fire! You go and defeat Drakath, but CMC – Oct 09 October You go and save the remaining survivors. Artix touches it but denies the evil power that was offered to him. Konnan was in a Sepulchure’s fortress.

Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star

Bear Facts -New quest from Thursday: War ends with exploding speedBossfight quest, All That Glitters Doom weapon, if you ask, are powerful weapons purest darkness with corrupt and evil minds of their own. Doug Digg -Levels of Lymcrest Labyrinth released. Twilly spills the beans saying, “But isn’t he so-and-so who you said would save the world?


Xan will take the blame, and after the Necromantress has left, Xan tells Sepulchure that someone has been replaced in Falconreach, and is awaiting Sepulchure’s orders. Necromancer Klaatu -New Bacon quest: Two new Water Orb quests: First announcement of soon-to-come Doom Knight special package for Upgraded members made in Design Notes, causing lots of yelling and celebrating on the forums.

He wants Zorbak to head Drakonnan’s lair and help you. Just what is going on?

The Ultimate Orb July 2: Did you notice the lack of moglins? Your pets are not at all crowded due to the compartmentalized nature of the backpack.

Last Year – enTropy armor fully released. Nose for Trouble -New quest from Ash: OK, this might need explaining: Mogloween Next week Now, prepare to die. He plays with your feelings and caused Aquella wanting to know the truth behind the disappearance of the elves.

The Final 13th May New Disease weapons in Player Suggestion Shop. You learn the truth that Balthar is in his lab with his experiments when the Cyclons started to take over when the energy from the Orb saturated the metal.

Memory-Demons -New Willowshire quest: Acve dragon is in the Dynasty Tomb.

DragonFable Q&A

Wargoth dtagonfable to attack the Prof. Happy 4th of July!! Second quest in Warlic’s questchain: Very strange Could it be Cysero’s doing?


Wargoth found you and was mad that you invade his dream. Arachnattack -war begins, featuring Chaos Spoilerr and other spider monsters Another Floating City -New Bacon quest: The Necrotic Generals -bossfight released. Bassault’s Assaultfeaturing cutscene with Drakath and But he dropped that thing, and caused “Z-virus” to spread?

Please, friends, heroes, if Akriloth is truly gone, and Falconreach is safe, come east and help defeat these monsters! Escort From Verteroche March The Body Shop -New quest at Valencia’s zone: Fine, but I won’t carry it all back by myself.

Dragonfable Plot Spoiler?

Then, you hear Fluffy, who tells you to attack the dragon at below pllt heart. A low-level technician called Mechagius Balthar has unleashed hordes of robotic minions upon Popsprocket, and many believe that he must’ve found the long-lost elemental orb of energy to do so. Suddenly, someone call Salad appear.

New items in Defender shop. Here, he claims he is the rightful ruler of this world. Bossbattle quest, To the Orbreleased -Ending cutscene released: Falconreach has been destroyed. Cauldron that creates monsters Oh well; Happy Mogloween ! All hail Construction Moglins!