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The Darkness of Riches: Phil sorts through the allegations and looks at video from Dr. Was he a serial killer all along? And, can she learn to balance a healthy family and social life with her love for her pets? Now, one year after being rescued, Michelle says she is stronger, happier and finally free — and joins Dr. What are his findings?

Is the wrong man in prison? Ep Mar 10, Has Adam been falsely accused — or has this father done the unthinkable? They say she almost died recently when she had her second overdose and had to be resuscitated. Stephanie, who has been clean for 18 months and now runs a sober living house, insists that she has worked hard to turn her life around and make amends with her daughters — but says Letty and Francesca refuse to let go of the past. Anna is adamant that she never planned to hurt Kris — so why does she say she was she so heavily armed? Exes Shawn and Kayla are in a heated custody battle over their 3-year-old son, Ashton, calling the police and Child Protective Services on one another and filing a combined 79 court motions.

Phil shows Sara shocking video of babies who were born addicted — will it make an impact?

She says she dresses her bunnies in matching outfits, reads them bedtime stories — and admits she even tried to breastfeed one of them.

Stephanie says she wants to know how her daughter, Ashley, went from a picture-perfect, straight-A student and beauty pageant queen to an out-of-control, violent year-old who has her fearing for her life.


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How does she feel about the punishment? Rachael Ross, co-host of The Doctors, joins Dr. Emotions run high when the exes come together on Dr.

The Interview – Part 3 The Trial: For the first time ever, she reveals how she feels about his death. Ten months later, she says she finally did, with a new man, Lawrence, who Judy confides made her “knees buckle” the first time they met. Walt was initially tried for the murder, but the case was dismissed after the trial resulted in a hung jury — and he says Rachel needs to stop pointing the finger at him and move on.

Emotions run high when the women sit down face to face with Miguel on Dr. Plus, hear why the teens say they are survivors who are fighting for justice against those who they say harmed them. Ep 82 Jan 16, Can they learn to break the cycle of abuse? Ep Mar 10, Phil speaks exclusively to one of the women who lived to tell it.

What do they say are their biggest concerns? Plus, hear from experts on both sides of the debate.

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Season 10 Characters [none added]. Jeffrey claims that Amy has since waged a custody battle by falsely accusing him of rape and trying to move their son to a different state — which he says is out of revenge for him not leaving his wife. A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: Phil’s guests are immersed in an adoption mystery steeped in so many secrets, it took expert locator, Troy Dunn, to reconnect the pieces of their fractured family.


Why did she choose prison over rehab — and potentially sacrifice years with her now 5-year-old daughter, Leah?

Their father, whom they claim abused drugs, died of an overdose inand the teens were reunited with their mother, Daisha Inman, with whom they now live. Laurie shares her heartbreaking story. Mother of four Danielle says that after her now-estranged husband, Luis, left the military inhe became jealous, paranoid and abusive — and two months ago, he was arrested for assaulting her.

And, what messages will they have for guests, viewers, audience members and Dr. And, has she changed her story? Tune in, and weigh in: Tell Us Your Story Be on the show.

Find Treatment Centers and Therapists! Ron adamantly denies that he has ever physically or verbally abused Marie.

Inside the FLDS

Sparks fly when the feuding future in-laws come face to face on Dr. And, what do the kids have to say about their impending fortunes?

Will she ever be able to trust her husband again?