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Bray’s store because he is treating people unfairly. Sully tells him a story about a miner and the next day takes Brian exploring in a secret cave. La La Land 6. Mike did, but Colleen is upset and runs away. Tensions rise between Sully and Mike when the girl becomes unusually attached to Sully. Later, cattle meat is found in Jon’s tent. Hank turns up at Grace’s cafe and she makes him ask properly before she serves him, although he stops short of an apology.

Mike learns, that Loren — still grieving Marjorie’s death — is selling the store and leaving, she writes an anonymous letter to the editor for Dorothy who recognizes the handwriting to print. In the trial, everybody believes that Dorothy has no excuse except Dr. When Horace introduces Myra to his ailing mother, she is furious when she recognizes her and tells Myra and Horace to get out. When Dorothy urges her to do something, Dr. Later, when Zack’s artistic talent is discovered, Hank agrees to send him to an art school in Denver. Thirtysomething Tie This is your life. When Oliver sees a deer, he chases after it without thinking.

Law Of The Land Jan 16 – A epizode Johnny Cash arrives looking for a quiet town in which to hang ’em up, but Colorado Springs is itching to lynch an immigrant Christopher Keene Kelly for cattle rustling to feed Meanwhile Sully and Dr. Matthew finally dances with Ingrid at the church social. When she travels to a remote cabin to check on the health of Luke Silver as a favor to the Reverend, she finds him badly mangled from a bear attack.

But when there is an explosion at the railway, the military puts a bounty out for Sully. Refine See titles to gulde instantly, titles you haven’t rated, etc.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

As they are leaving, their carriage is episide, and General Parker is shot and wounded. Andrew plans on quitting the practice at the hotel and moving to Pennsylvania to open his own practice while Colleen is in school. Mike and Matthew suspicious of his intentions and leaving Andrew jealous.


Beth SullivanCathleen Young.

After helping to negotiate a peace treaty to provide food and other supplies for land between the Cheyenne and the US Government, Dr. Colleen feels rejected by her friends when they ignore her. Jake’s repugnant apathy at what he has done and his choice to fabricate a lie about it infuriate the Cheyenne, becoming the breeding ground for a war between them and the settlers.

When Loren’s sister-in-law and first love, Dorothy, leaves her abusive husband Marcus, she comes to Colorado Springs and is taken in by Loren.

Girl inspecting her hope chest, by Poul Friis Nybo, c. Quinn treat her, because she is a woman, the Chinese doctor’s grandson reveals that she is a woman. When she travels to a remote cabin to check on the health of it’s owner, she finds him badly mangled from a bear attack. George Washington’s birthday is celebrated with a play eqmw fireworks. Nancy YoungblutDr. Colleen and Brian are not old enough to remember the horrible way ghide father ran out on them and their now late mother, but Matthew remembers and holds it against him.

The crisis involving Sully climaxes episdoe Mike represents ailing Black Moon and his warriors in negotiations with the Army. Sully is then knocked unconscious by a policeman. Jane Seymour The Autobiography. Quinn has two physicians: When Atlantis sees Matthew kissing Ingrid, she becomes upset and tries to cut her webbed hands. Nick Ramus Iron Knife.

Dr Quinn Medicine Woman episodes (season 2)

Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. The Circus 47 min Drama, Family, Western 8. Shivington paints the Cheyenne as violators of federal law and uses it as an excuse to attack them, massacring many of them and nearly killing their chief.

Mike the drawing of Clarice. When he bring presents home for everyone, Dr. Sully is shot, leaving Colleen to treat him. Gail Strickland General George Custer. When one of her patients dies, Mike adopts the woman’s three children and moves with them to a homestead owned by Sully, with whom she eventually develops a relationship. She tells him what it means to be courting.


Season 6, Episode 20 May 2, Sully’s Choice 47 min Drama, Family, Western 8. The prom committee decides to have two queens. Mike’s prize but everyone considers her the real winner and gathers around Dr. She is hit especially hard after she fails to get a shipment of heart medicine in time to treat Maude Bray Verna Bloomwho suffers a fatal heart attack.

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In the 21st century, however, the term American West is most often used for the area west of the Mississippi River, in the colonial era, beforethe west was of high priority for settlers and politicians.

Matthew sets out to prove to others, and to himself, that he is a grown man ready to take on life.

Jake puts the winner’s prize of flowers around Flash instead of Destiny. Mike tells Loren he needs an operation or he could die. Into The Blue 3. Matthew befriends Ingrid, one of the immigrants, and offers her brother Jon work to help feed his family. Mike about the medicinal value of local plants.

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Matthew recovers but 45 Cheyenne die from the disease as well as Colonel Egan. The young couple, Chester and Hallie, are former city dwellers trying to find a new settlement established by their relatives, but are hopelessly lost.

On their way home they run into a young couple who are lost in the woods and offer their help, as they clearly need it. Against his principles, Sully offers to ride, but Dr. Mike, Matthew, Colleen and Brian to dinner. Meanwhile Sully and Dr. The army comes to kick the Cheyenne off of their reservation but allow them to burn their dead. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: