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As a vocal fan of the series I was upset to see the writers resorting to this as a source of humor and, as it personally effected me, I felt it was my duty to reach out to hank and Jed about the joke and see if we could have a polite on the record interview about the humor. Walken puns made this episode Latest Videos Reviews Everything. To sign up for an account with The Escapist: Ok, so moving on, they finally get passed the pointless troll part, where they find themselves in the Kingdom of the Wetalds, where they meet Snidely Whiplash, cleverly disguised as an arch duke. The scene went off roughly as I had expected. How about just odd things happening with the world, the worlds oddly dry sense of humor, it sounds exactly like it came from the mind of a DM. That was one of the best episodes of this season!

I mean, they’re oak-ay, I must kill you. That wooden army wouldn’t stand a chance against Mirdon’s magic skills. I love critics, they complain but can they do better?. Walken is complaining about the fact that the team did not steal a horse for him, in the episode of the Pyramites that I intentionally skipped in this review. If I as a Trans person made a joke about being Trans that would be from a position of equal strength, making a joke about myself knowing where my line is for humor and taking ownership of that. Simply put, I will not be watching any more episodes of Doraleous and Associates and will be recommending my followers also avoid getting into the show if they have not done so already. There are of course two other associates who are unfortunately not featured in the intro, for they prove to be the least useless members of this party: At which point all of the audio was replaced with the sound of my cackling and my soul burning in hell.


So they adventure off into the next episode, in which they confront a Rumpelstiltskin puzzle conducted by a troll with a bridge.

Doraleous and Associates: Hero Punctuation

The old man asks about the number 4 again, which of course Doraleous is as clueless as the rest of us. Broof and Walken rock!

Bruff and Sir Walken. To sign up for an account with The Escapist: Also, those Tree jokes were great. I was frustrated by their actions but I felt that at least they now had to know I was upset with the Tranny Hole running gag. Transgender people already face a lot of discrimination on a daily basis from Cisgender people who have a more privileged position in society I know, I used the word Privilege but stick with me.

Almost two months ago now I got into watching a long running internet video series called Doraleous and Associates.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I say good day! The jokes seemed poorly timed and come off as convoluted as everybody seems to talk at once. I was given a personal Hotmail email address and told that they were known to check the account very regularly. Neebs runs into an old friend who is in the stockade for stealing a sweater from Freddy Krueger.

When I went to play the episode I was transported to the dead zone, where I found that they would be facing an unbelievably drawn monster. Yeah… totally not overused…. The most powerful substance in the world… apparently.

Doraleous and Associates: The Series 1×12 “Hero Punctuation” –

She seems to have gotten epiisode with her omnipotence, and has decided to fuck with the beings inhabiting the world of Nudonia Seriouslyas well as the beings that inhabit the e scapist website. They stumble upon the old man from the dungeon way back in episode 7who is apparently having a stare-down with a frog.


As awesome as always, well done.

There is literally no episkde way to say it. I’m loving this show so far. Well, this lady of the lake does have an interesting twist. So when exactly does this villain come in? Login With Facebook or Username: There were definitely parts in which it made me laugh, but most of the time it was just incessant bitching. Titanus “Its almost time to zssociates hide the sausage!

I then stepped my attempts up slightly. Meta Register Log in. I mean, they’re oak-ay, I must kill you.

Doraleous and AssociatesI had thought that what I had stumbled upon was simply the bastard nine month byproduct of the Comedy Central Hazing of Krod Mandoon, which included: The episode then continues withh a string of four uses of Tranny Hole later in the space of a single minute of screen time.

Doraleous is of course not singing, as he is the only man in the dungeon who seems to have kept his sanity. Once again multiple days passed and I received no reply.

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All of the characters face the screen… in every shot. My advice to fans — look at the number of likes compared to dislikes. Drak is by, all means a slightly reasonable if not meek character, and is less useless than qnd other two associates.

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