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But the King chases DY hoping to stop her. I thought Dongyi was 1 already after it beat Birth of the Rich The hierarchy was pretty rigid and moving up a class was not an easy thing to do. It seems boring not enough charisma like QSD. Without your recaps somehow something is missing. By reason of the identity of dawn gamchalbu repellent.

But the King chases DY hoping to stop her. Is it perhaps by chance that she got assigned to Queen Inhyeon? Lord Jang is ambitious and wants to take over the Namin faction and make Lord Oh work under him. Choi Chul Ho Supporting Cast. The same has been done with the security records so if JOJ touched the book her fingers will turn pink with vinegar. Dong Yi, who is featured as being so brilliant, is so stupid at times Like the time she is running for her LIFE and she stops to mumble a prayer to her father and brother. He pays a secret visit to JOJ who reveals that his father was murdered by Lord Oh and the Namin faction and not by the gyeomgye after all.

Really feel sorry for him as he has feelings for Dong Yi but advise her to be with the king for the sake of her happiness. Six years later DY and Geum live with the commoners but Geum acts and dresses like a nobleman. From this point of view, I wonder how the tables will turn and the two end up becoming each other’s rivals.

Time is running out and JHJ is getting desperate to find the security records. Posted April 18, I wonder if the novel details on how Dongyi became Sukjong’s concubine.

Also, what does eipsode maid do for the queen. Dong Yi has new clothes today! However as long it did not kill the excitement and storyline, it is alright.


Dong Yi recaps episode 30-44

Lady Choi Sook-bin dramaceazy and wisely maneuvers through the deadly political infighting in the royal courts in order to survive and protect her son, who was fathered by the king. I love watching this drama “Baker King Kim Tak Goo” because it’s really really good storyline and make a interesting drama and great casts, of course! Unfortunately JOJ is in charge of the investigation as she is the Queen and head of the inner court.

Sign of the Heavens Team. It is now Instead of a day birthday party for the prince, DY wants to use the money to open a welfare office for the poor. Chun Soo fights with the new members of the geumgye until they realise who vramacrazy is. JOJ bears the humiliation wanting to use it to fuel her determination to never feel like this again.

Worried, DY sneaks out of her house and is helping Gaedura escape when the King and all his men turn up. It seems like the king likes it that Dong Yi treats him not as a king, since she doesn’t know he is the king. Extensions only make it draggy.

Old ladies in gamchalbu dawn Han Hyo-joo minutes!

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He needs to tone it down a lot! He is the son of the Inspector General who DY found murdered by the water when she was a child. Posted April 18, I also hope to see more interaction from the King and Dong Yi like the ones they’re having. Another way to look at it, the shows are typically planned with ish episodes in mind, but they go with 50 episodes to protect their investment.

Episode 43

It was possible to move up a class by passing one of the civil exams but there were restrictions. If anybody is interested in watching KBS’s version of Jang Heebin, you can check out some clips here. Just don’t extend more than 6 episode. Just get her water whenever she wanted it???? Ban Min Jung Supporting Cast. Again she has predicted everything — she knows the protocol at the palace.


Kim Hye Jin Supporting Cast. Maybe a rivalry between their sons. Im loooving Baker King at the moment, its fast paced and is an exciting story. Jung Dong Hwan Supporting Cast. Yeah, but the QSD producers intended to cover her reign all along. Prince Yi Geum intelligent is beyond his age.

Does he know thats someone attempt to kill Dong yi and the Prince?

Dong Yi recaps episode – dramasROK

She thinks DY can still come back to the palace. He orders all the lower ranking namin to be arrested.

Then the head of the welfare office is found murdered and the geomgye are blamed for the crime. Baker King Tak Goo to me is drwmacrazy surprise sleeper hit for this year, the story is just good and addictive. I live outside Korea, and I can’t wait until the drama will aired in my country. While waiting on court ladies as a palace servant, she is noticed by King Sook-jong and has his son.

The King is waiting to greet her as she gets out of the palanquin. I hate extensions because xramacrazy means filler episodes that drags on and on especially in saeguk dramas.