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Urmi says she tried a lot. He wants to talk to Ishaan, but Urmi stops him and says she will talk later. Ishaan ignores samrat and then turns to tani, and they wish each other a happy holi. You may be dressed up all dandy but your character is evil. Ishaan talks with guests. Trisha asks urmi to maintain her distance from her, so that her relation with samrat isnt affected. She questions Sanaya why she did puja with Ishaan.

Ishaan meets Gaurav at a cafe. Samrat is getting dressed, when urmi comes. But samrat stops her from talking. Di 16th Mar – 1: Shaurya is super angry. But samrat doesnt let her help diwaker, and diwaker too says that its okay, and samrat leaves with urmi in a huff. She is too happy, while he asks if she is happy now, and then asks why is she doing this and why is this required. He says that ishaan was his friend, and whatever happened was between them, and that she shouldnt poke her nose in it, and instead respect the descision that his wife took.

All are confused while Damini loves it. In the garage, as urmi gets food and shawl for trisha, she tells urmi armaaano she has taken an unnecessary risk, by getting her here insistently, as if samrat gets to know of this, he would create a ruckus.

While ishaan is in the ground, looking around finding everyone merry and having fun, he is oblivious that someone is appraching makiing his way through the crowd. You may be dressed up all dandy but your character is evil. Sanaya doil her why she was waiting? AmandaS 13th Mar – 3: She plates up food for trisha, and is about to take it out, when she hears mabndira crying. Shaurya is very angry. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.


Ishaan is in serious mood. He asks her to try harder and Holi is coming too. AmandaS 13th Mar – episodde Urmi says she tried a lot. She thinks that sanaya was right.

She tries to tell her the truth, but urmi gets tensed when trisha asks her to find out herself from the net. Sign in Recover your password. She puts down the plate and covering it, she is surprised to find Diwaker coming down the stairs with her. And what does it matter if she does puja or Urmi?

We are getting somewhere!!! Anirudh however stands for urmi, saying that the family should be together, irrespective of the place.

Doli Armaanon Ki 14th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She picks the shawl and stealthily slips out of the room. Priyanka 15th Mar – Damini says once she gets Ishaan out of the trap, all will come out. Zuena 13th Mar – 1: He gets furious at being reminded of the incident, when he remembers his confession of infidelity to ishaan.

Urmi says she was waiting for Ishaan and she came and started doing puja. A password will be e-mailed to you. Can someone tell me what was the song played today for both of them. Final;ly, when samrat goes off to sleep, she stealthily, takes off his hand from hers, and then gets down from the bed, and is about to sneka out, when he takes aturn.


She is tensed, and says that she cant do this, in front of so many people. Urmi says good she came. He says that she has said so many things, then what does it matter, if he plays with her or not. She imagines her and Ishaan doing puja happily. Damini you are so disgusting in the sight of a human being. By Rimjhim Last updated Mar 14, He says that they have invited gaurav and asha, ji if urmi had gone, their marc would have been incomplete. She questions Sanaya why she did puja with Ishaan.

Doli Armaanon Ki 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sanaya then says she will go and do puja with Ishaan as Urmi must have done it. Urmi gets angry and tells her enough. He tries to get intimate with her, while in the garage, trisha is tensed wondering how did urmi get so late.

Ishaan tells him about her phone conversation with him. Diwaker tells how he had handed her to urmi. Princess 13th Mar – 4: There is no difference.

Priyanka 14th Mar – He says he thought he would keep Urmi happy after marriage, but Urmi is not happy.