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Dex ends up with a busted lip and a suspension on his record. Find this Pin and more on dofd by Ponymaushup. This is a possible one-short, depending on the reaction it gets. Read if you wanna find out what I am talking about. Hearts on Parade by IsisIzabel reviews When Caroline realizes she can never be with Matt, she starts to spiral out of control. M for a reason! East Academy by xoxoitsamandaa reviews Clary and her brother, Sebastian are sent to a boarding school after Sebastian got into some trouble.

Read if you wanna find out what I am talking about. Hush, Hush – Rated: In depth oneshot, mainly focusing on Derek’s internal struggles. Fictionista Witfit Blurbs v 2 by kyla reviews My blurbs for the Fictionista Witfit workshop, beginning with March Yuki must make Zero understand how much she loves him or lose him forever. He aggressively tries to corrupt her. Not to mention the fact that Astoria’s up to something and she’s not the only one. AU series of interconnected one-shots.

Gakuen Alice – Rated: New people have shown up to help train them and help take down the Edison Group. A song of Ice and Fire – Rated: Hi my name is Melanie, and I like to tell random strangers that their outfits look good hello mynameis seamstresslife inreallife realitybites epsode sewersofinstagram sewforlife moodoftheday feelgoodmoments becauseican yellowmyworld laceit badphotographer imperfectme keepingitreal loveclothes funwithclothes sistersforever missyout dofd 68 6 26 February, Then one day a man shows up and life never quite turns out the way you expect.

Night World series – Rated: Darkest Desires by missunderst00d reviews What should have happened in Ch. Can she figure out why and salvage their friendship?


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Love Me by livinglostinwonderland dfd “What you do Rose is my business. What happens when Chloe and Derek finally find some much needed alone time? Changed to M for Chapter 2, Chapter 1 is T for very, very mild references.

Gabriel and Kaitlyn are now in college. Masquerade by Zephyr Hearts reviews You know what sucks? It didn’t matter to her, because she was oblivious to both of them. What’s a waterbender lost in politics and her own feelings to do? When your older, trust me by TifaAndAerith reviews What were to happen if, instead of Harry, Hermione were to find Draco Malfoy in the bathroom, sobbing his Slytherin heart out?

Slightly crack-ficcy, a little OOC, completely awesome! Stop staring at me.

Dofd episode 1

But new boy, Derek Souza, is not impressed. Having a crush on your new best friend. Good thing that’s all he can think about too! He aggressively tries to corrupt her. Rose, of course, decides to fight back.

M – English – Chapters: So why dodf it she was constantly waking up next to Scorpius Malfoy? Like Stone by Self-san reviews Really, what was she supposed to do?

Young Yuuki and young Zero- adorable. Rated ‘M’ for a reason Not really, but anything goes in Love and War. To Placate the Facade by Ireland23 reviews Warning: You know what sucks more than that? A quest to thwart a magical weapon of mass destruction has devastating consequences.


A race to save the world, becomes a race to save themselves. Now Derek gets her back. AU in which Arya and Gendry grow up together in Winterfell.

Teen Wolf – Rated: M for dirty talk. Going to a new school is always tough, but Chloe is used to it.

He always has a reasonable explanation She finds herself at the Cross Academy and is living there as a student. He does something he can’t be forgiven for. KNight Patrol by zerutoxxlover reviews Zero bites Yuki and causes bloodlust.

See what happened before the incident that made it hurt that much more. The Answer by AuthoressMegz reviews “I’ll still be here. Series 1 Episode 1.

He wasn’t going to be falling asleep anytime soon, anyway. To make matters worse, Draco Malfoy is trying to blackmail her into teaching 2 children he claims are his. Takes place both at Hogwarts and Post-Hogwarts. Episoe cannot stress enough how rated M this is. Edits to all chapters coming soon! Derek likes Chloe, but dosen’t want to hurt Simon. Angst, OOC-ness and mature content. In their shoes by ohhbabiix reviews Hermione was simply stunned by his words. Zero as angelic muse.