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Alhough it can stream videos nicely, it doesn’t play the subtitles. MataRatos Apr 3, Sign up using Facebook. I would tend to think it is not specified by the DLNA protocol. Theo Thx for letting me know I will try it out, when i come home If i dare Hopefully they fix it. I’ll try it on that now.

Note on using vi editor: No, DLNA currently does not support subtitles per se. Running minidlna on linux I assume? SRT subtitles work, audio track selection works, scanning works. This is a port minidlna on Windows using Cygwin. PS3 is just not as good as you expect about playing video files. Joined May 24, Messages 10, Thanks Havnar Oops, wrong line during copy-paste:

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I have issues with subtitles and dlna too. But due to the remuxing from the NAS, Showtime does not get access the original mkv, only the remuxed stuff Sign up using Facebook. I Have been looking all over for suntitles answer but I can’t find any. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

That’s basically my question too Are you sure the naming is compatible with XBMC? I don’t know you app, but minidlna sure supports the subtitles, both as an fpp instalation and as add-on,on the TV player. The ReadyMedia author does not want to implement specific features as it may be incompatible with other clients.

Some fora claim it does, while some say it doesn’t Forums New posts Search forums. Is LXiMedia an alternative to minidlna or an addon? This is the same problem i have. I would tend to think it is not specified by the DLNA protocol. I have tested this with my ps3 and android phone.


I hope they fix this on a suppotr revision. The first one is that the TV supports the playing of the subtitles, in which case it will request the subtitles from the DLNA and display it suppogt, there’s a button on a tv remote to turn on the subtitles explicitly – on Sony there’s a button with four dots inside the square EXIF support – libexif On the official websitecoes is mentioned the following:.

Amaiyume Level 1 Member Posts: This works like a dream. Everything is explained on site above. I thought minidlna subtitle support was added a long time ago? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Email Required, but never shown. And now everything is working again.

Havnar Oops, wrong line during copy-paste: It depends on the DLNA server software. Subtitles on all devices When your device does not support the subtitle format in the video, we add it to the video stream to allow you to view them anyway. This is a port minidlna on Windows using Cygwin. Officially, as of version 1. Now i have downgraded the server to a lower version.


Morgan Courbet Morgan Courbet 2, 2 15 My miniDLNA server doesn’t seem to stream the srt files named the same as the video and utf-8 encoded to my playback devices. One more quick question: Just an info for those of you who need subtitle support. Samsung PC Share Manager supports. I just found something in the mjnidlna file for cygwin; upnphttp.

minidlma Some DLNA servers usually have an option to ‘always transcode when subtitles found’. Does minidlna not support it found mixed answers to this around the net?


I cannot change the audio track either for languages. SRT subtitles work, audio track selection works, scanning works. And now everything is working again But Maybe Kasim, you should try a lower version of minidlna?

Joined Jan 29, Messages 1, Thanks This is a workaround and as i said when Synology’s engineer has a solution i will letting you know. Note that you have to change the profile when you already started up youre ps3 and even showtime. But in the media server that appears on my computers, I’m only able to see the AVI files, not the. My problem is most probably cygwin not having sendfile support.