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But the more practical means of defence, such as magical or enchanted arrows,, play a considerable part. This is not a catalog. I am not a fan of her writing, because I feel that it is full of regressive ideas and sweeping statements, like the girl who wears jeans is the evil one and the one who wraps a dupatta round her head is the good one. The only time I did was when I was leaving Pakistan after 6 weeks following my first visit to the country. In the Legends the saintly power of prophecy is usually introduced for the very useful story-telling purpose of indicating the unborn hero’s career as about to be developed, and the power of metamorphosis for the purely folklore objects of helping on the progress of the stories connected with the saints, or those in whom they are interested, or with whom they have been concerned. All sorts of articles in domestic use: Even such a general object in Nature as a lake.

Raja Rasalu has a parrot who on more than one occasion helps him to a mistress. The peculiarities of any one of them are proper to them all. Although I enjoyed almost all of the films, some of which moved me to tears because they were so good or so bad , I will go ahead and challenge myself by trying to select five of my favourite films out of the 24 that were screened in Karachi on March 10, In sacerdotal or quasi-sacerdotal matters we have the ceremonies of divination by the breath, and initiatory rites into the sect of the Lalbegi scavengers and into various sects of jogis and faqirs, of which the ear-boring ceremonies are the most promi- nent and of some importance, as they have led to the use of earrings of fixed sorts as signs of occupation or caste and to earboring custoQis among the women of various natigns in the East as general prophylactics against evil. Mirza, my lion-like youth, hath come from the right hand. It is necessarily a most widely- spread notion, appertaining to the religion of the folk all the world over, and the means employed for it are everywhere very varied. All Books subiect to Recall. Rape is a reality everywhere in the world and women, let alone rape survivors, are treated unkindly everywhere in the world.

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Of male chastity we do not hear mnch, except as virtue — i. But it would take much more to convince Hamza that he was going to be able to make the grade.

You know the film has almost nothing by way of a script when you can write out its entire plot in 50 words. The plot is incredibly easy to predict, but the beauty of the film is that you still want to watch it. This means that he was so great a man that Dogars sat behind his bed as a sign of inferiority. The honor of the wise when lost is never found again. Interestingly, though, she only mentions those mistakes in the context of events that she considers her diplomatic victories, such as Myanmar and China, or when there is an opportunity to blame others for their behavior.


Bakki’s hoofs clang like iron on an anvil: He was hopeless and full of sorrow. So we find offerings made to the saints without reference to the faith or creed of either giver or receiver, such as milk, the most important beverage of all in the Panjab, precisely as it is offered to Mother Earth.

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Even Europeans can hardly become intimate with the thoughts and customs of native neighboui-s without being cognisant of supposed miraculous occurrences around them. Gifts, offerings, sacrifices, penances, and the like may be called practical propitiation, but several ways of reaching the same desirable goal supernaturally have been evolved by the superstitious peasantry of India, and the rest of the world too for that matter.

She is also forced to marry — in this case, the plot is even more offensive as she is married off to her alleged rapist!! If I were to give up my betrothed shame would fall on the Kharals.

All sorts of articles in domestic use: Thus, Raja Parag Parikshit has a falcon that saves his life. Itu Shas Amulu; Raga: It is as distinctly attributed in another instance to Gorakhnath, in circumstances where a miracle would seem to have been more appropriate, and in the midst of a host of miracles related of this great saint or holy man.

And now when tracing the deas of folklore by apparently natural processes to their roots, I soon found mjself harking back to grammar with its main divisions of subject and predicate ; the matter to talk about and the conversation thereon. Chher Bakki chaliye Danabad ; kyun pia bich maidan? In the early evening I will start for the Kharals. Hor ande ha then barchhan, Mirza di sabz kuman. It has occurred in fact in the present writer’s own family, where the trees dedicated to himself and his contemporaries are still standing at the ances- tral family home.

Versions of Potiphar’a Wife are common in Indian and all Oriental folklore. Calling them quickly spake Raja JagdSo to the moon-makers, And had a moon put up in the heavens that burnt without oil: It is my hope that the tables will bring home to some of my readers what a wide and fruitful field any given collection of Indian tales affords ; how well worth indexing they are for those who seek to get at the roots of the genuine lore of the folk in any portion of the world. Raja Rasalu cooks rice by placing it on his Rani’s breasts and procures water from a stone merely in order to get a dinner, and opens locked doors without keys in order to get at his mistress, illegitimately by the way.


So far we have been dealing with miracles, whose value lies in their publicity, but the bards and tellers of the marvellous stories have by no m.

Come, take your money, or your proposals will not prosper. To the Indian pea- sant mind misfortune is a sin, and indicates a sinful condj. Mirza ghar Bibo di a gia, charkha dinda jzlaye The lengths to which sacerdotal vindictiveness has often, gone in India, is indicated by the well-established custom of ceremonial suicide, self-immolation, and self-injury, in order, to bring divine or supernatural wrath on an opponent or enemy.

So closely do we find the two ideas connected, that I have dakhna thought that the whole notion of the mira- culous ‘vehicle and its concomitants is nothing but iin expan- Xlvi PREFACE. Her sharpest criticism, however, is reserved for the leadership of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hoio dfina phale, chaugunS, teri mehndi mine chhaun.

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It is evidently felt here in a dim way that the tree is somehow or other her life-token. Xxix magic has led in India, and many other lands, diyq the horrible custom of ceremonial cannibalism.

She was emotional and angry, and was honest and forthright with me. Come home and be my love.

Geets-Ardaas; Abhi na parda girao thehro; Girado pardah; Kaash ek baar kabhi; Ashq aankhon se rawan; Musibaton ko bhula; Aye shaam ki hawaao; Main prem me lutata ; Paa kar bhi tumhen ham; Patthar ki tarah; Madhuban mein; Mohabbat ka nateeja.

Ralhna absence of detailed accounts of charms and of the performances of exorcists must not, as above hinted, be taken as implying their scarcity, or only a languid intei-est in them among the population, and perhaps the best indication of the facts being the reverse of rakhn a presumption is to be found ia the Legends themselves, in tho so-called “genealogies” of Lai Beg, the eponymous saint or hero of that curious sect of the scavengers, which may be said to have set up a religion and ritual of its own, though that is rkhna reality an eclectic hagiolatry derived from every superstition or faith with which its members have come in contact.

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