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You may find yourself springing for the most powerful computer available, just so you can get it done faster. We hope you’ll enjoy using Auto Gordian Knot. Thanks for giving it a try. To completely disable audio crop you can set threshold to 0. Originally Posted by Stryker Thanks for that information. Enough of that unpleasantness. Black Hawk Down subs for the Somalian sp?

If you prefer to have external or separate subs to be displayed through DirectVobSub, choose your subtitle language in the main screen, and then tick “Use External Subtitles” in Advanced Settings. So rarely you may wish to go for 3 CDs. Here we see the Output Size Box. For current limitations and features see latest FAQ on AutoGK’s web site If you want to encode multiple input files into one resulting AVI you can do it by appropriately naming input files: The SUB file contains the image files of the subs and looks like gibberish if opened in Notepad. Killroy, are all those forced or burned-in? When looking for Forced Subs, try different combinations of languages on the main screen plus Forced Subs in Advanced Settings, or languages on the main screen only. Then open the sub languages one at a time in SubResynch also included.

The Advanced Settings will remain after you close and reopen AutoGK, in case you always make your movies with the same Custom Settings. In all other cases subs from lower part of the video frame should be displayed properly when using this option. You may find yourself springing for the most powerful computer available, just so you can get it done faster. We’ll keep this as simple as possible, and assume that you’ve never done this before.

Note that its not the only possible reason for having pauses and skips – users reported that by burning movies onto DVDRs instead of CDRs playback can be dramatically improved. If you foced defined a Horizontal Resolution, then it will be played at that Resolution x for the one on the left.


Let’s go into a bit more details about Subtitles. Sometimes the “forced” subs will be in the same sup as the main English subs like this: Concert DVDs are often like that, and can often result in huge file sizes. You can scroll around and have a look, and even play it Full Screen. Threshold defines how sensitive auto crop will be: There is very little that you can do on a computer that stresses it as much as video encoding.

The time now is I used TSmuxer to demux the english only sub tracks and found the smallest one. Originally Posted by Killroy 1. But you won’t be losing anything, or getting a movie inferior in any way by choosing that option. The best advice that I can give is to run the Dispoay before doing the encoding to make sure that you have the right subs.

AutoGK DivX/XviD Conversion Guide

If the audio is too soft, go into Configuration and change the Preset to Loud lower left. The movie above is Wide Screen, and the one on the left is Full Screen. Then also there are also what I call “noise” subtitles, it seems like I have seen those sometimes in a seperate file.

Advanced Setup There are also some optional advanced settings that you can set. One is the subs as they’ll be burned into the movie, and the other is the subs being displayed externally by Direct VobSub. All other subtitle selections will be ignored when processing external subtitles.

Enough of that unpleasantness.

Then perhaps the timestamps weren’t remapped when AutoGK got the subs. Printer Friendly Version Subtitlws this article: Minimum width means that the movie will not be encoded at a horizontal width lower than what you set.


These problems don’t just happen to those people that build their own computers. Before getting started, there are some things you should know.

You may be unpleasantly surprisedif you next wanted to make a high resolution. Please donate if you like the tool and wish to see it improving. But nothing is worse than spending all that time to do the encoding, and then running out of space when the final. Note that you have to put you input files into separate directories if they require different hidden options as AutoGK can only set hidden options for a particular directory, not file.

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Now press “OK” and close the “Advanced Options” window. The solutions might include checking dlsplay see if the CPU is seated properly, putting on some fresh heat sink paste, installing more fans, or, idsplay overclocked, turning down the OC or the RAM settings. Using AutoGK First, you have to select an appropriate input file that AutoGK is going to be dealing with and disllay determines also the type of input source: If you want to encode more than one job movie or episode during this encoding session, then go back and start the process over again.

You can ignore that, and be sure that the subs will be embedded in the movie correctly. By selecting a different starting frames you force auto crop not to examine irrelevant starting movie sequence.