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Emma and Bertram end up trapped in a rope net and Zuri tries to help them down with some children’s scissors to cut the rope lines and says that it takes hours to cut paper with it. Chesterfield’s pet chihuahua, Zeus, is revealed as the culprit. Ravi and Luke are flying a model helicopter when it flies into a giant teacup on a billboard. The Ross children face an unexpected dilemma when they find out their parents have lost all their money and must learn to live without it. Even though Morgan tells everyone not to tell people that Jordan is staying at the Ross penthouse, Emma tries to ruin Jessie’s date with Jordan, disobeying her father’s orders. However, Luke auditions after learning the mascot hangs out with the cheerleaders. Ravi lied to Bertram about who was responsible for putting a cricket in his lobster bisque and continues to lie to him, which puts Bertram into more trouble.

Jessie plans to attend a Central Park Halloween masquerade party after dreaming of meeting a romantic, handsome stranger at such a party. Meanwhile, Ravi gets sick of being the target of Luke’s practical jokes, so he decides to get back at Luke by telling him that his karma will get him. Tomorrow you better bring me some carrot juice. Later, Jessie joins a comedy improvise class alongside Petey. Chesterfield out on a date. Meanwhile, Emma is horrified when a huge pimple grows on her nose, but it goes away thanks to a non-organic cream Angela made.

Jessie teaches Emma to drive but she crashes the limo so can’t take the test. Jessie has her first big vull role and needs Zuri to cooperate. Archived from the original on December 22, Bertram, I have got my hands full with the lizard eggs. Stuart successfully fixes Kenny, as Luke thanks him and Ravi for saving his best friend from a near-death experience.


The show ended on October 16th,after 98 episodes when counting one-hour episodes as two as per production coding – making it the second-longest live-action show in network history behind Wizards of Waverly Place and third total behind Phineas and Ferb. Concerned, Luke enlists Emma’s help to find out who the shadowy figure is. Emma has a huge crush on a bad boy named Vincent; after an awkward encounter, they start dating. Now there is no doubt in her mind that there are still sparks between them, and Tony and Jessie finally get back together.

The Ross family, including Bertram, then say their goodbyes to Foll before she goes to Hollywood. When Christina finds out about the website, she believes Jessie and does not fire her; instead she helps her get rid of Agatha. Meanwhile, Luke and Zuri raise money to have Jessie “babysit” for children.

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She soon ful up her mistakes to each child except Emma, who is upset that her parents cannot attend her science fair. Jessie tries to become the teacher’s pet, but accidentally ends up becoming her best friend.

Jessie gets over-excited and says yes before the children could say their opinions.

Ravi lied to Bertram about who was responsible for putting a cricket in his lobster bisque and continues to lie to him, which puts Bertram into more trouble. At the end, Jessie apologizes to Tony for them missing their third first date.


I will come down on you like a tiger! Bertram is forced to babysit Zeus, only to become appreciative of the dog.


Collinsworth, Noah Centineo as Rick Larkin. Meanwhile, Luke loses his special baseball to Ravi. Pierson Fode as Brooks Wentworth. Meanwhile, Luke and Ravi break Zuri’s wishing ball, so Luke blames Ravi, Ravi retaliates, and a standoff among the three ensues.

However, when the children lie about a diwney guest at the party, Luke ends up going in disguise. You deal with the dead mermaid!

Jessie “A Doll’s Outhouse” Episode 21

Jessie and Zuri plan the party, but Taylor gets upset and runs off. They must work together to save the ship and themselves when a storm coll.

Rumors arise of a man named Grimm Holloran, a doorman with a strange personality. Connie returns shortly after Luke meets a girl named Mackenzie.

Back on the terrace, Kenny accidentally slips out of Jessiie hands as he gets torn up by a car and a horse, causing Luke to go into a deep shock while accusing Jessie for this mess. Meanwhile, Bertram stays home with Mrs. Meanwhile, Ravi starts as the new student in Luke and Emma’s school, though Luke expects him to act normal on his first day. Ravi steals a game when Jessie tells him he cannot get it.

Eric Petersen as Dr. The Vamps Guest stars: