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Armaan Ye armaan woh!!! No one is going to blame you. In seconds she could hear footsteps and the door opened wide letting in some air and light. As armaan and billy moved out. Your friends believe it. But noone was in the mood of chit chatting.

Nihal quickly offered armaan some water. And sat on the floor in front of her. In order to know the reason behind her abduction. He looked up as Armaan stopped. Armaan had become a real life skeleton. She couldn’t even contemplate what her mama would be going through at this point of time. We need to find her.

Armaan gave one look to Atul and got up without saying anything. Please armaan Tumhe Riddhima ki kasam. But stopped in his tracks when he heard Riddhima’s name. Aur jo Bhi Usse kidnap karke gaya he! It had to be an inside work. This is the reason that the people there do not worship Mill.

And because Hanuman mil, taken the entire mountain with him, the people of Dronagiri did not like it. When Dilo flew to Dronagiri, he got confused on seeing so many herbs, so he picked the entire mountain and took it to Lanka to bring Lakshman back to life.

He knew he couldn’t refuse Padma. On reaching the Dronagiri Village, Hanuman asked an elderly lady about the herb and she pointed Hanuman towards the Dronagiri Parbat. The room she was in just had one ventilator window above. This is just basic interrogation. Her Mom’s face flashed in her mind.


A- aarav is Riddhima’s childhood best friend and Ex. When he began speaking again she looked at him. Armaan- we’ve allotted the police. N- seems like you trust everyone mister Mallik.

Even then she couldn’t make out their face. Nobody even suspected that Shaan would do anything. Tabla payal bg tune of course! Soon enough as She had guessed She heard footsteps again and closed her eyes.

With sweat all around her face. Try to believe in yourself. Billy- Woh apna kaam kar raha he beta!

Saying so he poured himself some juice and sat down thinking about eill again n again. Armaan- Ye tu Kya bakwas Kar raha he Atul! Like someone was there. She took the spoon from his hand and made him eat the remaining food.

You need to have a talk with everyone. And then when she didn’t answer or open the door even after 15mins! She is a really sweet girl! Padma sat there with her eyes swollen. Isn’t it safer to get your child treated epidode a disease based on their body’s constitution?? But I don’t think he can ever hurt her. Video is violating privacy.

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Man- Kal Subhe Diya tha na paani! Wednesday, 22 April part You said Riddhima was kidnapped from her room. As soon as they saw armaan they got up but seeing atuls order to act normal they sat again. The voice sounded vaguely familiar to her but she couldn’t remember the source of the voice. Tears threatened her eyes.


Dill Mill Gayye – 15 December 2009 [New Episode – 59] EPISODE – 494 – Part – 1 !!DHQ!!

Recap- Truth and Dare leads to a sad Turn. You are stronger than you think you are! N- how can u be sure? N- Okay how much Money have they Asked for. Billy looked at Armaan surprised.

DMG- Ep. 262 – Chaos at Sanjivini

And why was she there. In order to know the reason behind her abduction. I have to know everything vayye her. Armaan calmed down a bit and sat back on his seat. I don’t know how and why!

And while they continue to battle with this Saneejvani- Life beyond cancer tries to offer them all the support they need and engage them in different activities at their wellness centre.