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Expert Systems with Applications, Marsin New magnetic graphene-based inorganic-organic sol-gel hybrid nanocomposite for simultaneous analysis of polar and non-polar organophosphorus pesticides from water samples using solid-phase extraction. Akbari, Elnaz and Buntat, Zolkafle Benefits of using carbon nanotubes in fuel cells: Journal of Taibah University for Science, 11 6. Pauzi and Hussin, Faridah Building electrical energy consumption forecasting analysis using conventional and artificial intelligence methods: Hafiz and Moradi, Mehdi and Miveh, Mohammadreza and Hadi, Nabipour Afrouzi A new compensation control strategy for grid-connected wind turbine and fuel cell inverters in a microgrid. Neural Computing and Applications, 28 7.

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International Journal of Innovation and Learning, 21 2. Aulia, Aulia and Abdul Malek, Z.

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Influence of phosphorus and optimization using response surface methodology RSM. The case of contact information overhead. Advanced Science Letters, 23 7. Kamaruddin, Samira Albati and Mustafa, M.


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Tarmizi and Narbudowicz, Adam Bandwidth enhancement of a multilayered polymeric comb array antenna for millimeter-wave applications. Nilashi, Mehrbakhsh and Ibrahim, Othman and Ahmadi, Hossein and Shahmoradi, Leila A knowledge-based system for breast cancer classification using fuzzy logic method.

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