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The mood is one of universal friendship as Orlofsky begins the dancing with a waltz – the waltz! He bears an invitation for von Eisenstein to a party to be given that night by Prince Orlofsky. Alfred, still in jail in Eisenstein’s place, irritates the other prisoners by singing operatic arias. Some time before, after a costume-party, Eisenstein had abandoned Falke, very drunk and dressed in a bat-costume, in the center of town, exposing him to ridicule the next day. The Revenge of the Bat. Falke both attended a fancy-dress ball in a country house two miles from town. They have taken up Frank on his invitation to come and live with him in his ‘big town house’- an offer made while the ‘Chevalier Chagrin’ was not quite himself. Adele and Sally return from the gaming room, having lost all their money.

The operetta premiered on 5 April at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna and has been part of the regular repertoire ever since: Linda Cantoni Betsy Schwarm. There might even be an opportunity for Eisenstein to get out his infallible pocket watch – the one the girls cannot resist. Middle-aged, normally pretty stolid, but inclined to go very gay when persuaded to have a night out. The lengthy drunken soliloquy by Frosch a comedy speaking role in Act III also permits variety in performance. Falke as the final move in his revenge. This page is only accessible by StageAgent Pro members.

Die Fledermaus

Viennacity and Bundesland federal statethe capital of Austria. Frank Sinatra, Diie singer and motion-picture actor who, through a long career and a very public…. This ploy — promising a lady his watch but never delivering, even when she does — has always worked for him.

She pretends that her heart has always been her weakness and she aks von Eisenstein to take her pulse.


He stands beneath her window and sings a serenade. Eisenstein demands to see this prisoner, but nobody is allowed into the cells.


Orlofsky promises to finance Adele’s acting career, and the company joyfully reprises the “Champagne song” from Act 2.

The Gaol Scene opens with a cameo comic sketch. The whole situation was a joke: There was the time, for instance, when they went to a fancy-dress ball with Eisenstein dressed as a butterfly and Falke dressed as a bat; Falke got drunk and Eisenstein, instead of seeing him home, dumped him on a park bench so that in the morning he had to walk home through the city dressed as a bat. Die Fledermaus Released Frosch, the jailer, enters. The mood is one of universal friendship as Orlofsky begins the dancing with a waltz – the waltz!

Falke had drunk more than was good for him, and on the way home through the woods von Eisenstein, assisted by the coachman, lifted him out of the carriage and placed him under a tree and left polt sleeping, unconscious of his fate. The next morning they all find themselves at the prison where the confusion increases and is compounded by the jailer, Frosch, who has profited by Warden Frank’s absence to become gloriously drunk.

Von Eisenstein went as a butterfly and Dr. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, fleddrmaus free encyclopedia. In a rousing finale, Orlofsky makes a toast to champagne, and the company celebrates The Champagne song: They have taken up Frank on his invitation to come and live with him in his ‘big town house’- an offer made while the ‘Chevalier Chagrin’ was not quite himself.

Falke has brought the Count and his party-goers to the prison to conclude ‘The Revenge of the Bat’. An old flame has come looking for Rosalinde Eisenstein eummary Alfred, a hot blooded tenor.

This revelation sobers Gabriel completely. Blind is understandably confused, as he can see Gabriel already there.

But Rosalinda turns the tables on him and steals the watch Watch Duet. The vocal score carries instrumentation marks for the musical director’s assistance. Macmillan, London and New York, First he makes the grave faux pas of mistaking the elegant actress Tanya for his housemaid! She has a good due of humour; fancies herself as a charmer and an actress. Frank refuses to believe him, as he himself arrested Herr von Eisenstein the evening before, while he was at home, dining with his wife.


Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. But the clock is striking six, and Gabriel and Frank are due at jail. Von Eisenstein then bids Rosalinda a tearful farewell and departs, ostensibly to prison, in full evening dress, much to her amazement.

Please try sumary later. Rosalinda entertains him to a cozy supper with champagne and they toast each other. Orlofsky’s entertainments of course include a ballet – an obligatory ingredient in operettas of the period. Falke to tell them the story of the bat, as he had promised. She accepts this explanation and immediately forgives him unconditionally.

However, Rosalinde produces his watch, and he realizes that the Hungarian mystery-woman he tried to seduce at Orlofsky’s party was actually Rosalinde in disguise and that he, not she, is at fault.

He then tells the guests how dei years before, he and Falke had gone to a costume ball dressed, respectively, as a butterfly and a bat. Toggle navigation Choose Section. A none-too-competent fuzzy-duddy lawyer given to legal jargon; easily confused and rather foolish.

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See all upcoming theatre performances. He accepts the situation as unavoidable and makes the best he can of it, with a long goodbye to Rosalinde. The string parts are bowed where necessary, and the Ist Violin has all important melody cues through-out. Rosalinde still has Alfred in mind.