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This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Does the threat in this book remind anyone of the hack on a huge bank in the TV program, “Mr. The tone of “Mr. Inside are two dead men who who’ve been murdered. In diesem Band nimmt dieser aber andere Dimensionen an. In a world where international terrorism knows no national borders, Wallander and his South African colleagues must prevent a crime that would change the face of history. His wallowing in self pity, self destructive behavior, lashing out in anger at his team and witnesses does not sit well with me at all. Synopsis In Firewall, Wallander is faced with the challenge of tracking criminals whose crimes are committed in the digital world of computers and the Internet – a world in which Wallander feels out of place.

I do not recommend this in audio Inspector Kurt Wallander begins to sense a connection between all of these events. So, I look forward to more books like this from Sweden and beyond. I think I’ve satisfied my Swedish detective craving. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. I have come to the conclusion that Kurt Wallander is a lousy policeman and detective.

In ganz Schonen geht das Licht aus. Print HardcoverPaperback.

Die Brandmauer: Kurt Wallander 8

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I live in Sweden, thus I should read what’s popular here, especially if it is by Swedish authors. A series of bizarre incidents sweep across Sweden: At this point, I guess he could write them in his sleep.

The one connection that I keep making is that there are so many similarities between the world I know and Wallander’s world. Pyramiden TV Movie I have henniny other books read by Dick Hill, and he always read the same way. Not particularly impressed with this one. Civilpolis 2 episodes, Cecilia Domstad The men are identified with the help brxndmauer The plot is not the most original one the fragility of technology-depended Western world has been pointed out in many movies before but holds the viewer’s interest to the end.


Die Brandmauer

L’ignoranza totale giustificata per carita’ di Mankell nei confronti delle tecnologie dell’epoca purtroppo e’ un aspetto che passa in secondo o in terzo piano. I should probably read more of Mankell’s works to see if this one book was an aberration or his normal style.

I liked the book enough to finish it, which must mean the character wormed his way into my heart. An enjoyable read though I’m not usually a fan of thrillers. Other than that, it was ok.

I listened to this book in audio A blackout cuts power to a large swath of southern Sweden. Kjellman 2 episodes, Morgan Alling Random House has gussied up the book package to make it look fairly sophisticated and urbane – it’s not. Can anybody tell me if I missed something? Meyer 2 episodes, Tweet Gainsborough Swedish with Swedish subtitles Rating: I have come to the conclusion that Kurt Wallander is a lousy policeman and detective.

The more I read these, the more find him an unpleasant person. I think I’ve satisfied my Swedish detective craving. Elvira 2 episodes, Rupert Holliday-Evans Start With a Classic Cult. Several homicides take place Uniformerad polis 2 episodes, Eric Werner Nyberg 2 episodes, Preview — Die Brandmauer by Henning Mankell.


Not sure I can recommend this one. The plot holes were big enough to drive a snowplow through, and his investigative choices made me wonder if Mankell was setting up giving Wallander a stroke or dementia soon.

The brandmwuer has its weak points though, e. Difficult to maintain interest in. Out of Print Markets: Then he threw himself on Martinsson and they fell into the mud.

Kurt Wallander is a bit of an anti-hero but it’s easy to feel compassion for him. This article about a crime novel of the s is a stub.

Wallanders erster Fall – Wikipedia

Robot” is often compared to Nordic noir, making me think of Wallander, naturally. I live way off the beaten path in the north so it was also interesting to read about current life in the cities of Sweden. The characters were OK. I was entertained and it was worth my time to read it.

Ein turbulenter Fall, in dem lange so wenig zueinander passen will. At a crucial moment Wallander unwittingly manages to persuade a key accomplice that, ethically, there is in fact no “big picture,” that instead we just have lives that are fragile but also “miraculous”.