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Before I read any of the reviews I saw the pics and said “yuck, beavertails”. I took the first one back and, thinking there was no way a company would produce a gun like that on a large scale, bought another one from a different store. Even the newly issued Glock 17M to police were all recalled after just a couple days of service. Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep. Jun 27, 8. Neither experience was great and both times, I wound up wasting months and months of time just to trade them off in the end anyway.

One hundred rounds of that and it still jammed times each clip. Even the people who were happy still said their gun had to be lubed and cleaned just right and with just the right ammo. What was your first handgun? It functioned rather well. I don’t know why last-round hold-open is so darned difficult for pocket pistols, but Ruger, Kel-Tec, IO, and Diamondback can’t seem to do it. How many rounds have you put through it?

Diamondback .380

The round fired and ejected, but didn’t feed the next round. Results 1 to 15 of Several of the ZA series of serial numbers had issues with the trigger failing to reset during firing. Pull the slide back to remove the pressure on the chambered case, drop the serise with your free hand, then cycle the slide to clear the jam.


I am not sure if this was a case of a hard primer or a light strike. Please keep us updated on your next range outing.

It would not be what I carried until the bugs were cleared up. How embarrassing is that! It functioned rather well. The small all can be a little ammo sensitive.

trigger sear module

The trigger not plastic, like Kel-Tec and Ruger, and it travels smoothly as you squeeze it. Oct 4, If all else fails, Diamondback has a record of great customer service.

He didn’t mention if he is a new shooter or not. I am also conscious of the problems caused by limp-wristing ANY micro pistol.

Terminatorret Pygmy Rattler Posts: Will this one actually shoot? Search tags for this page db problemsdb reliabilitydb reviewdiamondback problem serial numbersdiamondback problemsdiamondback reliabilitydiamondback reviewdiamondback dbdiamondback db forumdiamondback db problemsdiamondback db reviewdiamondback db serial numbers Click on a term to search for related serues.

Also make sure it’s not one of the clips. I thought I saw a review somewhere that said it was started by former Kel-Tec employees Username or email address: I never had problems with TulAmmo’s. I guess if you can’t beat ’em, diamondbaxk ’em.

Keep us posted as you have some more time with it. August 13, Not all officers are firearm aficionados, and if paying for a backup or off-duty weapon out serues their own funds, some tend to diamondbacm a least cost decision.


Anonymous September 9, at I believe it is reliable enough for everyday pocket carry where a bigger pistol is not an option and a perfect backup for my Sig Sauer SP 9mm.

I have a dependable, accurate, ergonomically pleasant micro pistol.

Pocket Guns and Gear: May

Would you really want to risk your life on something that may or may not work? The Armed Lutheran July 22, I have only one diamondbadk with the DB. For what its worth i dont exspect any of the mini ‘s to be the kind of pistol you can shoot ‘s of rounds at a wack and not have a few hiccups.

Sorry to hear that.

Granted, you have to train to a whole different ball-game if you need to reload, but in those situations I’m not sure how much reloading you are going to be doing. Externally it resembles a Glock, but internally it’s a Kahr Arms.

I actually saw a video of a guy cover the DB9 with diqmondback, and then fire it without any issues.

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